July 27, 2022

If you’ve ever built or renovated a home, you know that one of the most important aspects is the aesthetics. Some beauty is absolutely essential for property value. But, it not only needs to suit the environment, but also your personality and style if you’re the one staying there.


So, what exactly is it that makes a house stand out from others? For some, it may be the colour scheme. Or it may be those fancy garage doors Melbourne citizens are so fond of. You may even fancy some pretty blue shutters or some trellis work.


There are many ways to create a luxurious look that you love and future buyers will adore. Would you like to be inspired? Take a little look at this article for some ideas.


Trellis for Unsightly Areas

A trellis covers a multitude of building sins, such as unsightly areas under the house, storage areas or even sections of the garden or house wall that you wish to hide from view. If it fits your colour scheme, white is a brightening and light-hearted option. Slate grey or black will look sophisticated. And blue or green may fit into styles that suit the surrounding environment, for example the beach or forest.



If you like a quaint theme, then add some shutters. Charcoal shutters smarten the look, depending on your home’s primary colour, and white lifts the mood. Blue, green, yellow or red can bring a spark of creativity and cheer to your surroundings. It all depends on the setting and the theme of your home.


Garage Doors

The door of your garage has the power to convey a very strong message about theme and style. These days, there are so many to choose from. Try a sectional garage door to allow it to open one section at a time, with a smooth flow that doesn’t jut into the driveway.


Or you could try a timber look door or a roller door. Whether a more natural look or modernistic, you can find something that suits your taste and your pocket.


Loft Windows

When you put in a roof, you can include an attic. Loft windows have an eternally romantic appeal. Now you can imagine sunny afternoons in window seats.


If you obtain new windows with solid frames, it is very aesthetically appealing, and gives a smart, solid look to the home.


Good Roofing

On the exterior, a sound roof with paint that isn’t flaking or faded makes a strong statement about a home. Make sure you fix the roof, even changing the pitch if necessary. Cover it with a good paint that will stick well to the roof and not fade over the years. And if you’re unsure about what colour will be functional and timeless, you can’t go wrong with a deep grey.


A Porch or Veranda

More functionality AND beauty! Run a porch or veranda around part of the house.


A veranda provides a delightful area to sit and enjoy the scenery. They offer coolness and shelter from the sun’s rays, so you can relax and talk.


Some practical tips:

  • Add a vine that entwines its leaves around some beams to give the place a green feel.
  • Add a roof or awning to provide shelter.
  • How you fence off the porch is also part of the appeal. Whether you use fancy Victorian iron-wrought lace or white picket-style railings, make sure it matches the theme of your house.


Landscape the Garden

The garden is one of the first areas visitors or passers-by will see, so make sure it’s interesting. Whether formal or informal, for beauty you can try the following:

  • Create pathways
  • Add nooks with benches
  • Set up archways
  • Grow displays of flowers that will intrigue and invite the viewer
  • Having quiet spaces is always important, even for a busy family


Refurbish the Driveway

Your driveway speaks just as much as the rest of your home. It needs to be neat, stylish and well kept. Try stones, paving or multicoloured bricks. Slate is also a good investment.


With many options you can find a plan that suits your budget.


Add Lighting or Lamps

Nothing speaks quite as clearly at night in terms of décor as a lamp. Lamps—modern or classic—lining your driveway or hanging outside your door are welcoming and show artistic flair.


Tip: add some lights along the pathways once your landscaping is done.



Items such as a door knocker, a letterbox or house numbers also need an upgrade. Today you’ll find multiple options, suitable for any look. Why stick to the traditional if you can have:

  • Something quirky, like distressed wood numbers
  • A gargoyle letterbox
  • Brightly painted numbers instead of the traditional polished ones



Creating a home that you’re proud of can take hard work and careful planning. But, let this article inspire you to make a few changes that will be worth every dollar and minute you pour into it.

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