August 3, 2022


Using dark colors for residential space and especially in the interior, is a decision that takes guts. Nobody at first prefers or suggests dark-colored interior space, but a true designer or, let us say, interior designer, can make your interior more stunning in dark colors. Have you ever seen a totally glossy black in the kitchen? Yes, an experienced and professional interior designer can make it happen, and you won’t even regret it.


The choices of colors in every space of the house should be different, and so would be our list of ideas. Colors in the bedroom, living room, and kitchen should be different and without wasting time, let’s skip to the main section with tips to use dark colors for the interior.




  • Choose a single color for Furniture and Walls.


Wall painting is the most important part of your bedroom, the paintings and furniture in the room are fine art which need to be taken care of. Using the same color for furniture and wall paint gives a boost to the elegance of your room as a whole.


  • Paint the ceiling with the same color


The ceiling is also the part of the room that needs to be painted to get the best look with dark colors. Unpainted (white colored) ceiling or false ceiling suits with bright colors of wall paint, but in case of dark colors, you must color the ceiling to avoid the clash of bright and dark colors in the same room.

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  • Choose the color that calms you


bedroom is a space to relax with peace in the house, which should not at all be compromised due to the wrongful selection of wall paint. Always choose a color that calms you and makes you feel relaxed. A shade of brown that is similar to the skin color is generally preferred by many people and seems very relaxing.


Living Room



  • Paint to Bond with Nature


Choosing the right color that pleases you and catches the attention of visitors or guests is what you should be looking for. Using the colors that help in enhancing the landscaping and the green plants in pots at your window or balcony. Warmer colors help in place to look compact, so choose the right color for a living space that makes your visitor feel comfortable.


  • Use the natural element


In combination with dark colors, some elements of art like mandala paintings, canvas paintings on walls, and outlines of your fireplace or chimney at home made of bricks or stone, weigh the look of your living room and give it a vintage look like in movies.





Some ideas for decorating a Kitchen in Dark Colors depends on your selection of material. Generally, people prefer wooden cabinets and kitchen furniture, which normally is of dark colors. So we will talk about kitchens that are not made of natural wood like pine or oak.

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  • Use Glossy Surface


No matter which color you choose for your kitchen cabinet surfaces, do prefer glossy ones. Using glossy Formica enhances the view and catches the eye easily. Painting the wall with a similar shade adds most to the delicacy of your kitchen.


  • Don’t use a single color for the whole kitchen


You need to take care of not using a single color as a whole instead, choosing color combinations. Choosing 2-3 different shades of grey, using 1 for cabinets, 1 for painting walls, and 1 for backsplash could work better. In alteration, you can use black for the backsplash or something similar to that.


Mostly, for dark kitchen interior, black marble countertops are the most preferred ones, and the same can be used as a backsplash. Italian marble has a unique exquisiteness and is durable compared to other materials. So as a whole, you could use different shades for the wholesome and beautiful design.


So this is how you can use dark colors for the interior with stunning looks. Dark colors are warm and are better for resembling a compact and alluring place.

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