palm trees care and maintenance
March 31, 2021

Want to add a tropical theme to your home’s garden? Few things excite the feeling of tropics like a palm tree. Do you know how to select right type of palm tree or anything about palm trees care and maintenance? If no, this article is for you!

Palm trees blend an impression of luxury and classic looks to your home and are an excellent extension to your indoor or outdoor garden. Growing palms outdoors in northern cities of America can be difficult due to their intolerant freezing temperatures. Some types of palms like Chinese palms will survive at temperatures up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit when fully grown up. 

Warmer climates are more favorable for choice for palm trees. But, no matter where you keep the plant, without the care they are not going to survive. Knowing how to care for palm trees will help you have a healthy plant standing high and proud in your home garden. Well-maintained palm trees not just look amazing but also beautify the landscape by increasing the value of your home. 

Palm trees care and maintenance lead to strong and durable trees, and your care begins the moment you plant them in your garden. This article has put together some important palm care and maintenance tips that allow your palms to flourish like shields. Moreover, it is also recommended to call professionals for help, you can find them on HighFive Listings, which is an online business listing directory for USA… just like you may search for flooring contractors.

Selecting The Right Type Of Palm

Palms belong to a large and diverse group of plants with natural habitats ranging from deserts to rain-forests. When choosing palms, pay special attention to plant labels or descriptions in nursery catalogs, and keep these two considerations in mind:

  • Winter Palms

When palm trees are safely wintering indoors, hardiness is not a major concern. But for landscaped palms, corresponding the tree to its temperature is fundamental. Some cold-hardy palms are resistant to snow and temperatures several degrees below zero, but others die if exposed to frost or cold.

  • Mature/Developed Palms

Always take into account the possible height and distribution of the tree, indoors or outdoors. Containers limit plant size, so even naturally tall palms can be handled in pots. But these same plants can approach several times their indoor height when planted in the ground. 

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Palm Trees Care And Maintenance 

Keep in mind that your palm will probably not flower inside if it’s not from a specific type. Many common classes of palms will not live long enough to flower or reach adulthood when kept as houseplants. Keep in mind that some of them are full-fledged trees in nature, so the lack of flowers is more than made up for by the plant’s majestic expanse. Landscape palms like the same well-drained, slightly acidic soil as lawns. A soil test can confirm whether your outdoor palm tree would benefit from soil amendments to change the soil’s pH and optimize nutrient availability.

Water for the palm trees

Palms prefer soil that is constantly moist, but never too wet. The excess of water quickly causes palm leaves to turn yellow and brown. Before watering, indoors or outdoors, check and feel the humidity of the soil by hand. Water once dry about a finger deep, but still cool and damp underneath. Water profoundly and scientifically helps in healthy root development. Pay special attention to the palms of the containers. Plants exposed to sun and wind in outdoor containers dry out faster than plants in the ground, they may need daily watering in the summer. You should never let a palm root ball sit in water and allow the plant’s soil to dry out between watering. You can also choose to plant your palm in a terracotta or clay container to help remove excess moisture from the soil.

water palm trees - palm trees care and maintenance

Sunlight requirements

Finding the right place in your garden to plant palm trees is a tricky situation. Species vary in light preferences, and if you plant in the wrong spot, your palm can die. Some palms love the shade, and if the plants are exposed to direct sunlight, they will turn brown, wilt, and die. If you plant a palm tree that enjoys the sun in a shaded area, it will have a hard time developing roots and will grow slender with minimal foliage. 

sunlight- palm trees care and maintenance

Soil For Palm Trees

Once established in the landscape, most palm species are relatively tolerant of brief droughts. However, according to the University of Florida, it can take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year for a new palm to establish its root system at the new planting site. During this period of establishment, the transplanted palm must receive sufficient water. Depending on your soil type, its moisture-holding capacity, and local weather conditions, you may need to water your new palm every day. This is especially true if your soil is sandy and the outside conditions are particularly hot and dry. Proper soil is very necessary when it comes to palm trees care and maintenance.


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soil - palm trees care and maintenance

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Palms are one of the most beautiful species of plants. They not just make your home beautiful but also add immense value to your home. To take care and maintain these plants, you need knowledge, devotion, and time. If you do not have time to take care and main your palms you can simply hire Pro Tree Trimming Service in Royal Oak MI to help you keep your palms healthy and grow strong and tall. Remember palms are care sensitive plants and they just need your little care.

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