June 13, 2022

Being an architect is a tough job! While everybody looks at the success of your designs, very few understand the efforts that went behind raising such a structure.  It won’t be wrong to say that although the industry is reaching the skies with its unique design and great ideas, there are a lot of problems faced by an architect!


Solving the biggest of all pain points can bring down the concerns and offer the best solutions to help improve the architectural design. However, before you want to solve it, you must understand what are the primary concerns.


Therefore, to give you an idea, here’s a look at the top three concerts faced by architectural designs:


Collaborative systems are yet not in place.

In multiple surveys, it has been observed that the collaborative systems are still not in place. The tools have been scarce, creating a lot of confusion and hence failing to achieve streamlined collaboration.


In addition, multiple stake owners are not included in the project till the last minute, such as contractors, owners, and key fabricators, creating a huge communication gap and thus leading to a delay in the delivery of the project.


Need for real-time coordination

There have been multiple instances where it is observed that the involved parties do not have a proper coordination platform, and the time taken to complete a project reduces the worth of the work done.


Specific tools are required to translate data into fabrication; the owners, contractors directly, and the key fabricators should be alerted and asserted at the whole stages of project completion for a smooth transition into completing the phase.


This is where professionals at the Arizona architects suggest you to have real-time interactions with your team.


Complete Trust

There should not be the slightest miscommunication between the one who is paying and the one who is spending. This will help determine the compilation rate of the project. Establishing trust is an eventual process, just like designing a building.


Every day is a step forward! If there is an assurance that all parties will be on the same page and follow-through, it will help when the process is pressing budgets and schedules. The sync in obligation is extremely crucial; hence team-building training and the process should create value learning exercises to smoothen the design transition.


Other Concerns

Those are just the top three concerns of architectural design. There are several other concerns creating problems and helping to delay the process, such as language barriers between architecture and clients can lead to miscommunication.


Tools need to be advanced to keep track of the entire team and their progress in the project to get a fair idea of the completion of the project. Staying on a budget has been a primary concern faced by architects; clients might sometimes put you in a position where they want something that doesn’t fit their budget.


Dealing with possible problems proactively has also been a concern for some architects. This is where you might want to collaborate with experts like Arizona Architects to get all the help that you might need.


Although architects go through many problems, it is their job to bring the client’s vision to life and come up with innovative ideas that don’t hold them back. With this, we hope to have given you all the required ideas to get the most of your next architecture project.

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