June 16, 2022

Air fresheners are a widely used product that creates a pleasing and refreshing indoor air environment. Whether used in homes, offices, or vehicles, air fresheners brighten up the atmosphere and get rid of unpleasant smells. However, they can also exacerbate indoor air quality problems by adding more chemicals to the air.

Using air fresheners increases exposure levels to air pollutants that have been associated with a range of adverse health effects, including asthma, migraines, dermatitis, breathing and respiratory difficulties, and neurological issues, particularly for sensitive individuals. This creates a concern if people should continue using air fresheners.

A ‘First Of A Kind’ Air Freshener

In 1980, Mobley Products, Inc. introduced its first air freshener product before transitioning to Wonder Wafers International in 1995. It was the first of its kind non-flammable/non-toxic 2 oz. Pump Spray Air Freshener which was an instant worldwide hit because of its safety and usage.

Soon afterward, Mobley Products, Inc. was set and ready to evolve and conquer the air freshener market by launching their One Gallon Container and Five Gallon Pail containing the same non-flammable/non-toxic air freshener blend as their 2 oz. Pump Spray Air Fresheners. This first-of-a-kind air freshener reinvented the automotive Air Freshener Industry into what it has become today.

The company’s next ‘first of its kind’ air freshener product was Instant Scent – a never before seen fully concentrated version of Mobley’s non-flammable/non-toxic ready to use blend used in its 2 oz. Pump Spray and bulk containers. It was the first company to introduce a non-flammable super Concentrated liquid air freshener. Usage, storage, and shipping all became much safer and easier for distributors and end-users alike.

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Wonder Wafers Has Invented Many “Firsts” In The Industry

Mobley Products, Inc. completely transformed the entire air freshener industry in less than five years by introducing all the ‘firsts,’ not to mention their introduction of the world’s largest line of air freshener selections that Mobley was constantly perfecting and expanding during this most exciting time.

Although proud of these “first time ever” achievements, Mobley knew there could be a vast improvement in the application and usage of Air Fresheners. The rising concerns about the conventional air fresheners led Mobley Products, Inc. to research and develop an all-new, unique air freshener – another ‘first of its kind’ that would be the safest and most cost-effective air freshener ever introduced. In 1995, after paying attention to customers’ needs, wants, and concerns, he set out to transform how air fresheners were used and sold across the industry.

David Mobley (Founder/CEO) and his team took five years of research and multiple trials and errors to develop their flagship product, Wonder Wafers. This revolutionary product was another ‘first’ for the company that forever changed how air fresheners were used, marketed, and sold. It became a true overnight sensation within the first few months of its introduction. After a year of its introduction, Mobley Products changed the name of its company to Wonder Wafers International.

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Wonder Wafers Are So Unique; They Are Patented!

The company has reinvented the automotive Air Freshener Industry in several ways. Wonder Wafers are ultra-scented Wafer Air Fresheners that are so unique that they received three U.S. Patents, one in 2000, one in 2011, and one in 2021, including several more pending.

They have revolutionized how air fresheners should be – foolproof! Wonder Wafers are made from a specially woven paper blend that effectively absorbs and permeates air freshener perfume oils. More importantly, the proprietary formulated blend of high-grade lifters and realistically authentic perfume oils have been tested to perfection.

The World’s Most Perfect Air Fresheners

The invention of these air fresheners forever evolved the way these industries would apply and sell their air fresheners. It’s a little wafer that transformed the world of Air Fresheners. Wonder Wafers International has special papers blended and are quality tested before production. They are air-activated, environmentally friendly, and contain zero carcinogens. It’s no wonder that Wonder Wafers are considered The World’s Most Perfect Air Fresheners!

The Riveting Growth & Popularity

After their introduction, Wonder Wafers grew in such popularity that they are now the preferred Air Freshener chosen by many industries around the globe. They are so popular that over ONE BILLION Wonder Wafers have been sold since they first hit the market.

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