May 9, 2022

Dorsey Lawn and Landscape offers reliable lawn care services Raleigh North Carolina. It is owned by John Dorsey who has many years of experience in the Green Industry.

The business serves the Greater Triangle area in North Carolina. Its customers are spread across Raleigh, Morrisville, Cary, Garner, Durham, Wake Forest, Apex, Knightdale, and Rolesville.

Lawn Care – Root to Foliage


Lawn care services in Raleigh NC delivered by Dorsey Lawn & Landscape include seasonal lawn care, grub control, fertilization, aeration & seeding, and weed control. The business implements turf management solutions and agronomic practices that are used to maintain top-class golf courses in the state. Residential and commercial lawn owners are assured of high-quality and comprehensive lawncare customized to their needs.

The team at Dorsey Lawn & Landscape brings rich experience to every job and saves its clients time and money.

This is an owner-operated business and property owners are assured of a hands-on approach by John Dorsey who takes pride in being a part of the community he serves. John and his team work to constantly upgrade their knowledge and skills to deliver lawn care that clients have come to expect from this business.

The business designs flower gardens to enhance the beauty of any landscaped area. These focal points include beds with shrubs, topiary, perennial flowers, annuals, herbs, and much more. Dorsey Lawn & Landscape uses the best quality nursery stock to create landscapes featuring classy, elegant, traditional, or dramatic appearances, as desired by the client.

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Turf Management Program by Dorsey Lawn & Landscape

The Turf Management Program implemented by the landscaping experts from Dorsey Lawn & Landscape begins with taking stock of landscaping issues that need to be resolved. These include weeds, insects, and disease. The corrective steps are implemented along with the initial application of the turf management program. The business eschews multiple applications of different products; something which many landscaping firms do in order to impress customers. Instead, it applies high-quality products to yield healthy grass and shrubs that resist disease.

The coastal climate, sandy soil, and hot summers necessitate lawn care by knowledgeable service providers who know the best grasses for lawns in the summer and winter. While cool season grasses can be planted as a mixture, only single varieties of grasses are preferred for lawns during summers.


Property owners that prefer cool-season grasses for their front yards and backyards can trust this business to deliver the best possible results. Dorsey Lawn & Landscape recommends that cool-season grasses be seeded in early fall to achieve the best look in fall and spring.

Fertilization Experts in Raleigh, NC

Fertilization experts from this business use the most relevant and appropriate fertilizers to ensure that plants receive the necessary nutrition. The fertilizers are applied in the right amounts and at the right time to boost absorption.

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Dorsey Lawn & Landscape creates healthy lawns through fertilization and ongoing lawn maintenance. The business does not bind customers to a service contract, instead it lays out a clear plan of what the client can expect over the course of a period of lawncare.

Lawns that opt for Fescue, Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede, and St. Augustine grasses need proper care because these greens require timely doses of nutrition, such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to flourish, prevent weed infestation, resist attacks by insects, and stress due to extreme weather.

The fertilization program implemented by Dorsey Lawn & Landscape is based on the use of probiotics to strengthen the root system of shrubs and grasses, prevent soil erosion through soil adhesion to roots, and develop a healthier lawn. The business uses 75% less chemicals and ensures that the lawn is safe for kids and pets.

Weed Control


Weed control services by Dorsey Lawn & Landscape addresses weed-related issues typical to Raleigh and the neighboring areas. The team from this business knows how to eliminate weeds from a client’s lawn, regardless of the type and nature of weed. Weeds commonly treated by Dorsey Lawn & Landscape include bluegrass, chickweed, foxtail, henbit, dandelions, clover, wild violet, and goosegrass.

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Weed control processes and medications used by this lawncare specialist in Raleigh are carefully selected for effectiveness and minimum impact on the environment and water supply.


Get in touch with Dorsey Lawn & Landscape for a properly cared-for and nurtured lawn that creates a great first impression.


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