August 16, 2022

Car accidents are extremely common. They can be highly damaging to your health and property. However, if you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you can receive reimbursement for your losses. To reap the compensation benefits, you must consult a car accident attorney. If you want to maintain a strong case for winning the lawsuit, make sure to avoid doing these things:

  • Giving a recorded statement to your insurance company

The insurance company is generally not on your side in car accidents. They are solely focused on their monetary gain from the mishap. Giving a recorded statement about the details of your accident can be detrimental to your case as the insurance company will try its best to find loopholes in your story and use them against you for their benefit. A wise choice would be to avoid trusting insurance companies and refuse any recordings.

  • Not contacting the police department.

Even if the accident resulted in a minor injury and insignificant damage to property, make sure to call the police as there are chances of your injury worsening with time. Many injuries do not have visible symptoms but slowly develop over time into severe ones. A police report of the accident can be beneficial evidence for your personal injury claim in case you decide to file it after the worsening of your damages. Therefore, call the police regardless of the circumstances.

  • Refusing to seek medical help

After the accident, your priority should be getting medical attention for your wounds and injuries. Even if you feel fine, get professional help as traumatic accidents lead to fighting or flight adrenaline being released in your body, which prevents you from feeling the extent of pain from your injuries. A doctor can identify the injuries and give you the required medical assistance.

  • Making up lies in front of the doctor

If you are going for a checkup after an accident, do not lie to your doctor. Try explaining to them your pain without unnecessarily downplaying or exaggerating your experiences. Misinforming your doctor and lying about your issues can significantly negatively impact your case. If the insurance company finds out about the lies, they might drop your case.

  • Not seeking legal help.

Making your personal injury claim on your own can be a huge mistake. The representation provided by car accident attorneys is professional and are experienced in handling similar cases. You can benefit a lot from their services. They will increase your chances of success and provide you with the desired result.


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