December 31, 2021

Who doesn’t enjoy basking in the sunshine on the beachside on a summer morning in NZ? Your beach day plan may tempt your puppy to join the adventure too. Yet, the beach isn’t the safest place to be for tiny pups. For instance, a few breeds like pugs or dachshunds can’t swim. On the other hand, if your dog loves to swim and can swim well, the beach can be a haven that offers new views, sounds, and smells to your excited puppy, along with many opportunities to engage in play and fun.


Still, there may be several dangers that catch your pet unseen. That is why you should get ready for the summer expeditions with your puppy pal by purchasing cheap pet insurance. Having dog insurance in NZ helps you with pet health expenses that you might not be prepared for – and even some you plan. Cheap pet insurance can also cover your paw friend’s health check-ups, vaccinations, diagnosis and treatment for illnesses and a lot more. So before indulging your young puppy in water activities or other games by the beachside, make sure you have this financial aid.


How to make each day more eventful for your pup?


Many games that you usually play at home with your pup can be played by the beachside, too. Only the location is different, and the dangers have increased.


Beach walk!


Let your tiny pup explore the shore under your supervision. A lazy stroll provides him with a fair chance to sniff the sand and seaweed, chase birds, or watch scuttling crabs. In addition, a walk is a brilliant way to mentally stimulate your pup by allowing him to capture new experiences.


Play fetch!


Find a private place to play this game, so your puppy doesn’t get intimidated by the crowd. Choose a small toy or stick that is easy to carry in his teeny-weeny mouth. You may also play fetch with a brightly coloured floating toy very close to the shoreline. Just check if it is a high tide/low tide day and secure your pup by all means. It is not a great idea to play in the water with your puppy when there are engulfing waves.


Build sandcastles!

Make mini castles with your paw pal’s help and give him a high five! Your fur baby may love to play with the sand or dig up small holes, allowing the young creature to enjoy his indulgences. But, unfortunately, you may also see him destroy the castle after a few moments of celebration.


Puzzle toys!


Set up a shady area and give him his favourite puzzle toy with a treat or two and some fresh water, so he forgets the world around him.


Tug of war!


If your family, friends, and their fur companions have accompanied you on the beach outing, then make teams and involve your eager pet in a brief game of tug of war.


Be it any activity, at all times you must be by your puppy’s side, ready to pull him out of harm’s way. Otherwise, you may have to hurry with your pet to the nearest pet emergency clinic to get him sorted. With cheap pet insurance, your puppy’s health emergencies are taken care of with little financial burden on you. Buy dog insurance NZ, so you don’t have to worry about providing your puppy with the best medical help in needy times.

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