February 22, 2022

Living with pests is nobody’s idea of fun. Sadly, the residents of Live Oak have to share the vicinity with pests. That, however, doesn’t mean you should invite them directly to your house.


Since the climate in Live Oak already favors pests of all types to happily live, it’s even more important that you proactively take the help of Live Oak pest control services to keep pests away from your immediate surroundings.


But, as they say, prevention is first to cure. Read this quick post to find out how you can prevent pest Infestation at home, and if it’s already late and pests have taken residence at your place, you can also find the solutions.


How to keep pests away?


It’s not like anybody would consciously let them breed, but carelessness and negligence do. If you REALLY want to win the fight against pests, you can do the following things.


  1. Don’t let your entire house be a trash bin


Leaving plates with food scraps out after you’ve had your meal, not putting a lid on the dustbin, or keeping dustbins inside the house are the leading reasons that pests will find a way inside your house.


Crane flies, house flies, mice, roaches, and rodents will make your life miserable. So, keep your surroundings clean.


  1. Seal all openings


Cracks and gaps are what mice use to get an entry into your house, and once they do, they will create havoc. They will chew your furniture and even ruin the curtains and cushions.


You can take the help of professionals biyearly to find if the house has any such openings.


  1. Don’t let water stand anywhere close to your house 


Mosquitoes are in abundance in Live Oak. They carry deadly viruses that can cause malaria, dengue, and whatnot.


Since mosquitoes lay larvae in standing water, if you can keep your ponds clean and get them chemically treated from time to time, the problem should be resolved.


How to get rid of pests?


If you couldn’t keep up with fending pests off, and fire ants, venomous spiders, rodents, mice, scorpions, and box elder bugs made your home their home and your lawn their lawn, you can’t get rid of them yourself.


You need to hire professional pest control service providers since they have the right solutions to target specific pests that have infected your house.


The solutions and sprays that can kill bed bugs won’t kill mosquitoes, and solutions that kill mosquitoes might not kill rodents and fire ants.


Since only professionals have intricate knowledge and they can identify the signs to figure out which bugs have found their way to your home, they’re the only people who can permanently get rid of pests.


Concluding Thoughts:


The DIY videos on the web might temporarily reduce the presence of pests, but pests will soon reappear.


If you want to get rid of pests permanently, pick up your phone and book a free evaluation with trusted pest control firms like Stride Pest Control now!

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