OrthoPedic Bed For Dogs
August 29, 2020

If you are a frequent traveler, then you must be aware of that uncomfortable mattress that has a major impact on the quality of life.

From making your joints and back feel stiff to achy the very next day, these causes us to lose sleep and can adversely harm your body and mind.

Now just imagine this same problem can affect these innocent animals, though we can express our discomfort to others but not those harmless creatures.

Moreover, many people don’t realize that these same mattress problems can also affect your pet’s life as well. Hence to help you out, we have got something that will relieve you from this stress and will give your dog the most comfort feeling ever.

What is Orthopedic dog beds?

Although there is no specific definition of this term, according to Wikipedia, the orthopedic mattress is the ones that are designed to support joints, back, and overall body.

Octagon Pet Bed - 20 Inch, Brown

To provide maximum support, these beds are stuffed full of chunks of foam, fiber, and other small particles.

In short, it is a specialized bed to suit the particular needs of a specific environment. Moreover, older dogs with stiff joints need the support of an orthopedic mattress, such as a memory foam mattress.

Hence it is essential to make sure that you select solid memory foam and not a memory foam crumb, which is made from a leftover piece of foam.

Say hello to your dog’s new best friend - An orthopedic dog beds:

So it’s time to say hi to the most lovable dog bed in the world. Orthopedic bed for dogs is made from human-grade memory foam.

Every dog orthopedic bed is designed to remove joint pain and, at the same time, provide maximum support for your little wagging friend.

Best features of orthopedic dog beds:

  • It has a protective and waterproof foam cover
  • Removable and machine washable bed covers
  • Has non-skid and rubberized bottom
Octagon Pet Bed - 20 Inch, Brown

An orthopedic dog bed memory foam will help your adorable little friend minimize joint pain, improves health, and will dive your dog an overall comfort.

This is perhaps one of the best orthopedic dog beds that not only blends seamlessly into your house but also gives your dogs a perfect place to rest.

Benefits of Orthopedic dog beds:

orthopedic pet beds for dogs has multiple benefits. Let’s understand the advantages of this dog bed.

  • It has a waterproof memory foam liner
  • Orthopedic beds for dogs is completely harmless for your dog
  • No pressure points
  • Even weight distribution for any dog
  • It is a memory foam orthopedic dog bed that gets double as an attractive rug
  • Orthopedic dog beds are ultra-soft and plush faux fur cover which is removable and washable

An orthopedic foam dog bed will help relieve your dog’s joint pain and, at the same time, will prevent other problems in the future from occurring.

Care instruction of orthopedic dog bed:

  1. For cleaning bed cover:

The bed covers are machine washable. Just unzip the zipper lining and remove the memory foam base from the outer cover. Always remember that bolster orthopedic dog bed covers are not washable.

Wash the cover thoroughly in cold water on a gentle cycle and hang it evenly to dry. You can also use a damp cloth to remove any stain from the cover.

  1. Cleaning the foam memory: 

 KOZI PET Dog Bed, Black, 770 g

Remember, memory foam is not washable. But don’t worry, there are multiple ways to clean it. Just lightly sprinkle baking powder on the foam.

This will help the foam memory to freshen up and will give the foam a fresh smell. But let it sit for around 30 minutes.

Next, vacuum the baking powder thoroughly with the help of a vacuum  cleaner. This method will also remove any pet hair from the memory foam.

To get rid of the stains, take a damp cloth with lukewarm water and a minimal    amount of dishwashing soap and rub the stain in a very light circular motion.

Let the dishwashing soap be there for at least 10 minutes and press out as much moisture as you can without wringing out the foam.

Wringing wet foam can tear more easily. Leave it to air dry. This will dry the memory foam.

  1. Cleaning the memory base foam liners:

You can clean the liners with the help of damp cloth with warm water. This will help to remove the stains.

Things to consider while purchasing orthopedic bed dogs (A Complete buyers guide):

Orthopedic dog beds come in various sizes and colors. You might be overwhelmed with the wealth of choices.

But there are tons of things that you should consider before getting your hands on one of these beds.

Here we have provided you a complete guide that will help you buy an orthopedic bed dog appropriately.

  1. The size of your dog

Whether you have got a big dog or a small pooch size at the end of the day size matters, and this is perhaps one of the most crucial things that need to be considered.

Just as we human needs space, dogs need it too. Select those beds that give your dog enough space to cuddle stretch up and curl.

Comfy Armor Filled Waterproof Soft Mattress Bed for Dogs and Cats (Light Black, Medium)

Small beds will force them to curl up short, and this might affect your dog’s joint, and these innocent creatures will face problems in the long run.

You need to measure your dog’s size, from the tip of the nose to base of their tail and then from the skull to the floor.

Ideally, the bed should be around 25 percent bigger. This will allow the dogs to move freely, and they won’t be restricted.

  1. The shape of the orthopedic dog bed

We all know that different dogs have different sleeping styles, but in the end, every dog will eventually relax and rest in the same position.

Before you hop out of your home to purchase a dog bed, make sure to observe your dog in his sleeping position, and at different times of the day.

If you have a dog that likes to stretch and curl most of the time, then it is advisable to go for a rectangular bed with sides, or you can also go for a larger bed with enough space to stretch. So have a close look at your dog when they sleep.

  1. Extravagant dog bed quality

Here you need to spend wisely. Think before investing your money. Beware of some of those luxurious labels and price tags because they might not guarantee the quality.

Some brands just add beautiful looking fabrics onto the dog bed but are made in an inferior and cheap way.

Make sure not to compromise on the quality of the product. And the variety of fabrics used to finish the beds.

  1. Ensure that the bed is comfortable for your dog to get into

Choose an orthopedic dog bed that is ground level, this will allow your dog to enter and exit comfortably without any help. Just stick to 2-3 inch height for small dogs and 6-8 inch height for large dogs.

  1. Find a comfortable spot for the bed

To enhance comfort, place the bed away from the cold or damp area. You can put a rug so that your dog doesn’t slip when getting in and out of bed. If you want, you can place it close to the door so that it is easier for them to go out and come in.

  1. Consult and discuss your vet about your dog’s medical condition

Orthopedic dog beds, no doubt, have several health benefits. But it is essential to consult the doctor to see. Orthopedic beds can reduce and relieve some of the significant symptoms that your dog has.

  1. Choose dog beds orthopedic that are made of excellent and high-quality material

These beds should be made of high-quality materials so that it lasts longer and also provides complete comfort and support for your dog.

So it is advisable to look for material like memory foam. Memory foam is helpful if your dog is suffering from muscles, joints, and bone problems.

  • Go for orthopedic with high-quality fabric that can easily be removed and washed when need be.
  • Go for the highest quality memory foam that is of 5 pounds, as this will provide extra support and comfort to your dogs.
  1. Prevent inferior quality materials:

Cheap orthopedic dog beds will wear out quickly and will not provide support and comfort to your dog.

You will come across some manufacturer who selects other inferior quality materials to make the product. This will decrease the quality and longevity of the beds.

These above essential points will help you choose the right and best orthopedic dog beds.

When shopping for an orthopedic bed for your dogs, it is easy to select the most affordable one.

As per our human tendency, we like those who look attractive. However, the décor has little to do with what’s best for your dog.

More importantly, if you have a large dog that needs extra support due to age or arthritis.

What to look for in an orthopedic bed dog?

  • Thickness:

In general, the thickness of the mattress matters. The comfort of the bed depends upon the material. A four-inch solid memory foam mattress will offer more support than a six-inch blended foam mattress.

The heavier the dog, the more support your dog will need. But if you have dogs that sleep together, then go for thick blended material.

Moreover, you can add a plush blanket over a dense memory foam mattress to soften it.

  • Water Resistance:

It is always advisable to go for a waterproof orthopedic dog bed. If it is not waterproof, then one big accident can ruin it completely. Memory foam, whether it is solid or blended, is not easy to clean.

To prevent the dogs from throwing up on the bed, going for a waterproof cover may be an excellent idea.

Furthermore, water resistance materials will give you sufficient time to clean up the messes and stains.

  • Durability:

Now you must be wondering why durability. Dogs tend to scratch and circle before they lie down.

This constant scratching will make the mattress very uncomfortable and, at the same time, will tear and ruin the cover of the bed and I bet you don’t want this to happen. Then why not think for an alternative?

Of course, you cannot stop the dog from doing this, so what best you can do is to go for a mattress, keeping in mind the durability factor.

  • Authenticity:

Authenticity is an important point to consider if your dog is suffering from hip dysplasia or joint pain. Inauthentic memory foam will cause your bed to tear out and will ruin the mattress. It can also worsen your dog’s condition.

  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance:

Orthopedic dog beds eventually with time will accumulate fur and smell, and these are the two main things that you won’t be able to control.

The dirty mattress will not only look messy and smell bad but will also harm the dog’s condition too. So it is essential to maintain the hygienic factor. Hence, it is necessary to buy that mattress that has an easy-to-clean feature.

  • Cost:

Again the cost is another essential factor that you need to consider. No doubt, orthopedic beds are quite expensive, but few options are considered for higher quality but are also way more affordable. Just keep in mind not to compromise on your dog’s condition. But don’t go for very cheap products.

  • Cover:

Go for removable and washable covers because it will keep the beds clean and completely hygienic.

  • Design:

LovPet Rectangle Shape Fiber Filled Dual Side Export Quality Orthopedic Black/Red Sofa Style Dog Bed Cat Bed M (18X28X7 in)

You get orthopedic beds for dogs in various shapes and sizes. Some are flat while others have a bolster. So pick the one that your dog will love and, at the same time, feels comfortable.

So if your dog is a big scratcher, then select an orthopedic bed with a durable cover to avoid any kind of damage.

Do dogs of all age groups need orthopedic dog bed?

Now here, you must be thinking that orthopedic beds are only meant for seniors that are a dog that has aged and those who starts having joint pain. But this is not the case.

Since dogs spend the majority of time sleeping and snoozing, so finding a perfect orthopedic dog bed should be on the first list. So, dogs of all age groups from puppies to seniors need an orthopedic bed for that added comfort.

Easy guide to choose the right dimension for orthopedic beds for dogs:

Selecting an appropriate size is also an essential part of the process. Moreover, understanding your dog’s sleeping style will help you choose perfect bedding for your dog. Here we will help you to select the right one.

  • Giant orthopedic dog beds should be - 60" L x 40" W x 6" H (up to 170+ lbs)
  • Large orthopedic dog beds should be - 50" L x 34" W x 5" H (up to 120+ lbs)
  • Xl orthopedic dog bed should be - Large Dog Bed - 40" L x 30" W x 4" H (up to 80+ lbs)

So with right bed pet, your dog will rest comfortably and get up feeling refreshed and furry all year long.

Why your dog may need an orthopedic dog bed?

Though we have discussed the reasons above let’s dig onto this further and understand its importance in detail:

  1. Post-surgery recovery:

Your little friend just underwent surgery; your dog will feel lethargic and sleepy all the time. Especially within the first few days of the operation. To speed up the recovery process, your dog needs to get appropriate rest.

A comfortable orthopedic bed will provide dogs orthopedic support and also will help in the recovery process.

  1. Muscle and joint decay:

As dogs start aging, their body will start deteriorating, which will cause significant pain and chronic inflammation. Moreover, treatment will not cure it permanently but will only control it.

Orthopedic dog mattresses will ensure that your pet experiences a little amount of pain and discomfort as much as possible.

  1. Relieves from hip and joint pain:

A giant breed of dogs tends to develop hip and joint issues as they get older. If left unattended, then this will give rise to the extreme pain, discomfort, and will result in the loss of mobility.

This is where orthopedic dog beds come to rescue. Orthopedic beds help to ease and reduce pain as much as possible and provides support as well.

  1. Joint and neck injuries:

Such kind of injuries causes a considerable amount of pain and can adversely affect the health, energy, personality, and physical condition of the dog.

To speed up the recovery process, they need proper sleep and rest. So going for an orthopedic bed for dogs can be of great help.

  1. Old age:

Old age is another reason why your dog needs orthopedic beds. Old age is accompanied by extreme pain, arthritis, joint pain, and muscle loss. During this period, your principal as an owner should be to make this aging process as smooth as possible.

Your main goal this time should be to add orthopedic beds for your dogs. This will provide them with extra comfort and more relaxing and sound sleep.

  1. Athletic type dogs:

If you have a dog who is very well built up and have a very active lifestyle, then it’s time to switch to orthopedic beds.

Using this will provide your dog an extra added comfort, relaxed sleep, and proper rest, which will enable them to perform the best.

What makes a good and perfect orthopedic bed?

Orthopedic dog beds are known to provide that extra comfort to these little friendly creatures and offers additional support for dog’s bones and joints, especially around hips and elbows.

It can be called the best orthopedic beds as long as the fill is thick, durable and provides that additional support.

But in contrast, many orthopedic beds are stuffed with cedar, cotton fillings, or polyester filling though this is fine for dogs that don’t need extra support but not for everyone.

But sometimes, the filling can end up settling or gets separated in a way that leads to the floor through the bed feeling, which means that your dog is not getting that support that is needed.

Signs that your dogs need orthopedic beds:

If you notice that your dog:

  • Is having a hard time getting up.
  • Is not comfortable on a regular bed
  • Is stiff and slow-moving
  • No longer wants to sleep on their regular beds.

In the end, age doesn’t matter. If your dog is suffering from any of these issues, then an orthopedic bed will help:

  • Arthritis
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Joint problems
  • Bone issues
  • Is very skinny

If your dog wakes up in the morning, hops out of bed, stretches, and then trots off, then your dog is sleeping on a supportive surface.

But if your little friend is raising slowly, looks worn out and wakes up with stiff and sore, then that rings the bell. It’s time for the best orthopedic dog bed. It is really very disheartening to see your beloved dog suffer as they grow old.

Just like we humans, dogs also suffer from arthritis and joint pain issues. According to the analysis, 65% of dogs between seven to eleven years suffer from arthritis, but choosing the right Orthopedic bed for dogs will help the dog relieve joint pain when your dog rests.

So don’t make your dog go through another night of pain and discomfort on tossing and turning. These dog beds are available in various styles, sizes, and colors.

It’s time to gift your puppy a sweet and comfortable gift. Get orthopedic memory foam dog bed today.

I hope this entire article has helped you get all the detailed view of orthopedic beds for dogs.

What your dog sleeps on is important to his happiness and health. More than just a bed, it is designed to improve an animal’s life and health!

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