Aquafresh 5 stage UV UF water Purifier with 5 Years Warranty

7,000.00 5,500.00 Including GST

AquaFresh Super Offer

  • 5 Years Standard Warranty
  • 2 Years of absolutely Free Service
  • Next 3 Years of Service on 50% Discount
  • Exchange Offer for your Old working RO
  • Regular Automatic Services
  • Quick Help with Online Support Center


  • Purified Water Level Indicator
  • Elegant Design with Transparent Cover
  • Push Fit Components for 100% peace of Mind from Leaks
  • Genuine Aquafresh 5 stage UV UF water Purifier
  • Auto cut and Auto start fully Computer controlled
  • 100% Free Installation In Delhi NCR
  • Other Areas Installation to be done By Yourself

Included Warranty

5 Years

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Aquafresh 5 stage UV UF water Purifier 

Aquafresh 5 stage UV UF water Purifier is the best uv water purifier in India. Aquafresh  comes with advance UF and UV filter technology. The Eco friendly price , good service and low maintenance cost makes it the best ultra violet water purifier in India.

Water purifier Exchange offer

Aquafresh 5 stage UV electric water purifier comes with the special old water purifier exchange offer. 

Best 5 Stage water Purifier for home

Aquafresh 5 stage UV UF water Purifier is the best uv uf water purifier for home, it has a durable body which is made of high quality ABS plastic. This feature makes sure that you get longer life for your water purifier and water remains safe for consumption.

Why you should choose to buy Aquafresh 5 Stage UV UF Water Purifier?

If water in your area has TDS level between 100 and 500 then you should buy UV water purifier for you home. This TDS range is recommended by the bureau of Indian standards and its safe to consume. If water is above 500 TDS in your area then please buy an RO water purifier.

How can i check the TDS of water and What is TDS ?

To check TDS levels in your water, please buy TDS tester. And to read about TDS levels please visit this page.

Is it  better to drink purified water or de chlorinated tap water?

Yes, Drinking UV UF purified water is better than de-chlorinated water. Aquafresh 5 stage UV UF water Purifier is equipped with,

  • Pre-filter,
  • sediment filter,
  • carbon filter,
  • UV treatment
  • and Ultra filtration.

These 5 stages ensure that you water has no chlorine, chemicals, excess TDS, bacteria, virus or pathogens. Our genuine 5 Stage Purifier give you 100% pure and safe drinking water.

Will Aquafresh 5 stage water purifier with UV UF, work with an inverter ?

Yes, Aquafresh 5 stage UV UF water Purifier can be used with a sine wave inverter. It has a very low power consumption of just 24 watts. It will take approx 40 minutes to fill the 15 liters of water in the storage tank.

Which water is best water to drink daily UV+UF water or RO+UV+UF water ?

Both water purifiers have a different purpose and their selection totally depends on the TDS level of water in your area.

  • RO+UV+UF water purifier can be used if the Tds level is above 500.
  • UV+UF water purifier is best if Water TDS is between 100 and 500.

Latest Technology

Aquafresh 5 stage UV UF water Purifier uses all latest technology to ensure you and your family get 100% pure water.

  • High Quality Pre-filter unit is used to stop all dust,clay,sand and solid particles in water.
  • Sediment Filter stops the solid particles which might have passed the Pre filter.
  • Carbon Nano Filter further removes the micro sized solid particles which might have passed the sediment filter.
  • Ultra violet filtration kills all virus, bacteria and pathogens.
  • Ultra Filtration further provides the micro-filtration for removing the dead remains of bacteria, virus from water and you get 100% pure water.

The Correct combination of above mentioned technologies assure, that your family and you will always get 100% pure and safe drinking water.

What are the charges for water purifier installation when you buy water purifiers ?

When you buy water purifier online from www.Aquafreshprime.com we give free installation and free delivery at your door step. This classic offer is currently available in Delhi NCR only.

Low Maintenance Cost

  • Aquafresh 5 stage UV UF water Purifier has 2 Years of absolutely free service.
  • Aquafresh 5 stage UV UF water Purifier your next 3 years of service are on 50% OFF.
  • The Aquafresh 5 stage UV UF water Purifier has an exchange offer and buy back offer.

Better and Low cost services.

At Aquafreshprime.com we assure 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our service team is available 7 days a week from 10 AM to 8 PM. Call us or connect on whats-app, for immediate help with your order or services.

Where is the Aquafresh water purifier service center ?

Aquafresh RO service center is located in Faridabad and also available online on our website. But you don’t need to worry about visiting and getting the service from service center. Just call or whats app and our service team will do the service at your home or office.


Buy your Aquafresh 5 stage UV UF water Purifier Now !

Your Aquafresh, is the Best water purifier in India

Grab the Best deal of 2019 and Protect your Family

  • 5 Years warranty
  • 2 Years free Services
  • 3 years Services on 50% Discounted Price
  • Exchange offer for your old RO
  • Buy back after 5 years
  • Includes best UV, UF, Sediment, Carbon Technologies
  • Very Low Maintenance Cost
  • Best service from our Engineers
  • Online Support Center
  • Whats-app, Email, Phone, Call back support


Buy Now !

Need more Info lets help you compare some water purifiers.

Aquaguard RO UV UF TDS Price  = 17000+

Aquafresh 5 Stage UV purifier =  Just Rs 5500/-

Weight6.250 kg
UV Technology


UF Technology


Sediment Filter


Carbon filter

1 Included

Pre Filteration Unit

1 Included

Other Included Items

All these items are included => 1 Pre-Filter, 1 Teflon tape, 1 Tap, 1 Brass pipe fitting, 1 valve fitting, 6 meter pipe tube. Warranty Card.


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