December 17, 2019
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We only knew frying isn’t healthy until the best selling air fryer models came into the picture. Air fryers offer a convenient and healthier way of cooking food with less time. Although you still cannot consider the healthiest appliances used for cooking they can get your cooking done with very little amount of oil, air-fried food is quite low in fat and calories. 

 And even if you own the best air fryer in India, cleaning and maintaining it properly is essential for its efficient performance. A dirty air fryer can alter the taste of your food. Therefore, to get the desired texture, crunchiness, and taste of your favorite snacks, you should clean it after every use. But, the question is how? 

 Here are a few useful tips on how to clean an air fryer and keep its functioning at its best. Please take a look! 

 Tip 1: Safety Measures Before Start Evening 

best air fryers in india

If you have the best air fryer in India, you should unplug it from the socket before attempting to clean it. Doing this will prevent any accidental injury, electrocution, and damage to the air fryer. This might sound silly, but many users when in a hurry, forget to unplug their appliances before cleaning. So, it goes for every gadget or appliance you have. Never forget to unplug it before cleaning.

 Tip 2: Gather These Things to Start the Cleaning Process 

best air fryers in india

For cleaning your air fryer, you need to have a damp cloth, hot water, dishwashing soap, and sponge. To remove the small food particles that are trapped in the air fryer, you can use an old toothbrush. 

You can also prepare a paste by mixing baking soda and water. This paste will help you get rid of any bad odor coming from the air fryer. Manufacturers offering the best air fryer India recommended cleaning your air fryer on a regular basis to remove any foul odor coming from it. 

You should not use any kind of metal utensils to remove food particles or grease from the air fryer. Metal utensils can damage the non-stick coating of the fryer and result in a hassle. 

 Tip 3: Wash These Components After Every Use

It is important to clean your air fryers after every use. The basket, frying pan, and tray can be easily detached from the air fryers. You can clean them by using warm water and soap. If you have a dishwasher, then you can put these parts into it after every use. These detachable parts of the air fryer are very important to clean to ensure the hassle-free running of the air fryer. 


Most brands offer the best air fryer in India with easy-to-remove and clean components. Also, to clean the inside area of the air fryer, it is essential that you remove the basket or tray. You can use a damp cloth or sponge with using dish washing soap and wipe it dry. 

 Tip 4: Wash These Components Occasionally 

There are some components of an air fryer that not needed to be cleaned after every use. There is very little oil used to cook food in an air fryer. Therefore, the outside of the air fryer does not need cleaning after every use. 

In addition to that, you can also clean the coil occasionally when you notice any oil or residue on it. Brands selling the best air fryer India suggest their customers unplug the appliance before cleaning the heating coil.

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 Tip 5: Use Hot Water to Soften Hard Residue 

Sometimes, you find hard-to-clean food residue in the gasket or pan. These residues cannot be cleaned using normal water. In this case, you can use a mixture of hot water and soap. This mixture will soften the residue and make it easy to be removed. The same goes for the other components of the air fryer, using hot water for cleaning can surely save your time and effort. 

 Tip 6: Extra Safety Tips 

Whether you buy air fryer online India or from a local store, you can ask the sales executives about the necessary safety measures to take while using an air fryer. You can inspect the cords before using the appliances. Do not plug a damaged cord into the socket as it can cause serious damage or injury to you. Before buying any best selling air fryer, make sure its cords are safe, damage-free and clean. 

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 Final Thoughts

If you follow all these valuable cleaning tips, your air fryer will surely function properly. Since air fryer price in India is high, it is not easy to afford a new one due to a minor functioning issue. If you clean your air fryer after every use, this will ensure hassle-free running for a longer period of time. Keep cooking healthy and delicious with the  best air fryer in India! 

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