Gpst featuredimage11 - Do you really need air purifiers?
May 29, 2020

Air and human

GPST fresh air - Do you really need air purifiers?

They say when you are fit life is more fun! looking at the current situation outside we can conclude that nothing is certain, anything can happen at any time.

Another scary thing that is rising rapidly and has to be controlled to avoid any kind of adverse long term effects on human life is air pollution.

One of the basic necessities for survival in human beings is air so it's quite obvious that we cannot avoid it, we consume it all the time, even now as we read this. 

Air pollution in India

gpst pollution in inda7 - Do you really need air purifiers?

14 out of the 15 most polluted cities in the world are surprisingly and scaringly in India and the rate of this pollution increasing is much higher compared to other cities in the world.

In the past, in ou forefather's time, the atmosphere was much better cleaner and the air was much breathable and pure.  There was a minimal number of people with respiratory diseases.

But nowadays people depend more on medicines than ever. we come across so many people with different respiratory diseases we may not have even heard of.

So what exactly made this happen? It's none other than us ourselves. Constant use of chemicals machines and various other products has resulted in Air pollution

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Outside air pollution

Smoke emitted by vehicles or sometimes in some areas they burn garbage and because of many such reasons air pollution is rising rapidly.

However, outside air pollution still can be avoided with masks or avoiding going out or rather go in a car pull up the windows, etc.

But what if the very place where you are most comfortable and happy and the very place where you sleep forgetting all your worries is also polluted.

I am referring to your home, what if your home is polluted with contaminants everywhere and the worst part is you don't even know about it.

Inside Air pollution.

It was proven that Inside air pollution is much more hazardous compared to the outside air pollution.

The outside air at least can travel but not the air in our houses it's accumulated in different corners of the room with that the cooking fumes cigarette smokes or deodorants also increase the pollutants inside the house.

500000 people died last year due to outside air pollution but 2.2 million died because of inside air pollution, so you see the house in our air is more fatal than the outside air.

Air purifiers

gpst air purifier - Do you really need air purifiers?

Every problem in this world has a solution so does this air pollution problem too. We have technologies in the world that can help us fight this crisis.

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And the name of that technology is an air purifier! A unit that sucks the impure air from your house clean it with its unique filtration processes and gives us clean and pure air.

Air purifiers have helped people recover from various respiratory diseases and giving them relief from medicines and daily visits to clinics.

How do air purifiers work?

There is a wide range of air purifiers available in the market. All of them are different and work on various different filtration processes.

Some have 3 stage filtration processes and some have more. Some make more noise in their operation and some relatively less. some are heavy some are light.

But all need one common thing and that is Filters. These filters actually do the main role of cleaning the air.

The air sucked by air purifiers goes through these various filters. These filters than capture minute particles from the air that are not visible by naked eyes and release pure air for us to breathe.

Air filters

gpst filters7 - Do you really need air purifiers?

Different air purifiers use different air filters to clean the air. Most common of them are Pre-filters which usually are present at the starting point of the filtration process, then comes the HEPA filters followed by the activated carbon filter.

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Pre-filters captures bigger particles, while Hepa filters capture the minute ones and finally activated carbon filters, removes bad odor

The life of these filters depends on its usage and needs to be replaced timely. You also need to clean it regularly which increases its life too.


Like any other unit, it's not necessary to use these units continuously for the whole day. It's just for some time you turn it on clean the air in your room and then turn it's off when not needed.

It consumes very little electricity so you won't see any spike in your electricity bills every month giving you a sigh of relief economically.

Most of these units have child locks and other useful features in it to keep it safe and away from children at home.

As fas as the sound are concerned, none of these is that loud where you will have to compromise on your sleep.


Air purifiers are a must-buy on today's date. It's not any fancy product anymore but has become a necessity.

Air pollution can cause dangerous effects and can even lead to cancer and finally death. so is it not better to take care of our health beforehand.

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It's better that we spend a little now and focus on precautions then spending double and worry about the cure.

If there are minors or old age or pregnant women at home than air purifiers are really really very important as their immunity system is comparatively weaker.

So guys kindly consider this advice of buying an air purifier for your loved ones because in the end family is all that matters.

And like we all know health is the real wealth!

Gpstthanku7 - Do you really need air purifiers?

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