Gillette Venus Breeze Hair Removal Razor Blades/Refills/Cartridges for Women - 2 Pieces (Avocado Oils & Body Butter)
June 30, 2020

Get the easy shave you deserve with Gillette Venus cartridge razor!

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. So we definitely need a different razor to suit our needs. With Gillette Venus cartridge razor, you can now shave at home: easy, cheap and no pain! It makes our dream come true of getting waxing done with zero pain. I know shaving has a lot of myths attached to it. Trust me when I say buying Venus Razor for women changed my life. Here is my review of the product and why it is totally recommended.

Gillette Venus Breeze Razor Blades - 2 Pieces & Venus Breeze Hair Removal Razor for Women Combo

Why cartridge razor?

There are basically two types of razors. They are safety razors and cartridge razors. I tried both, and I found cartridge razor better. A cartridge razor has several blades as opposed to a safety razor which has one. Cartridge razors are mainly preferred because they are cheap and easy. They also make shaving faster. Some people with sensitive skin might have some irritation after using this. There are moisturizing creams to prevent this. In my opinion, the cartridge razor will come handy to all of us who don't have all day to shave. Venus Oceana disposable razors are also available in the market to suit your needs.

Waxing and shaving: which is better?

Women have been told from time immemorial that waxing is the only option. I have always hated going to a parlor and getting me hair removed from a stranger. The worst thing it is painful, and you pay so much for it. Obviously, you have been advised by your beautician or as I call them Parlour aunties that shaving increases your hair growth. They tell it is not good for your skin. The day I came out of my closet and tried shaving was one of the best days! You will have your privacy. It is easy. It is cheaper. It takes ten minutes. The plus point is you don't have to be judged for your hair growth. The first one I tried was Venus Oceana Gillette, and it blew my mind.

Why Gillette?

Gillette Venus Breeze Razor for Women, 1 Piece

Gillette has been the most popular producer of cartridge razors. They have been popular in the United States of America ever since 1971. Gillette was founded in 1901. The company has spent millions on ads actually to popularise these razors. They are also pioneers in razors for women. Women need a different kind of razors as the skin is more sensitive and our needs are different. They also have to cater to the difference in the time of usage of a single razor. Venus razor cartridges and Gillette razor heads are specialized for the needs.

Are you worried about hurting yourself?

"Ouch! I cut myself again". You can save yourself from this reaction with Venus Gillette Oceana range. The razors have three spring mouthed guard blades. They are specially designed for keeping the body contour in mind. I got the painless shave I deserved with Venus razor cartridges. They are designed for a smooth and pain-free shave. Each blade adjusts itself to suit the body contour.

Honey, there is a honeycomb guard!

The Gillette razor and its Venus Oceana range come with a honeycomb guard. Yes, you heard it right, a honeycomb guard. What is it? This guard provides soft cushioning around the blades. This made my experience smoother and safer. The razor’s lubrication strip is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. This is the combination to keep your skin as smooth as ever. We already know about the goodness of both the vitamin and the plant. My skin feels moisturized after each shave.

Flaunt your bikini legs!

Gillette Venus Breeze Razor for Women

Buy Venus Oceana Gillette for a hassle-free shave. Initially, I used to buy disposable razors for emergency use only, literally hiding them. The disposable ones are the best thing ever for a quick emergency shave if you prefer waxing. Venus Oceana disposable razors were my saviors. Only when I bought a non-disposable one did I realize what I was missing out on. You might feel a little itchy, but that happens in waxing too. I can now just quickly shave in the shower when I need it. Ladies, you can now flaunt your bikini legs without immense pain, money, and time!

Does Gillette increase hair growth? Myth decoded

We all have been told this at some point. Does shaving really increase your hair growth? No, it does not! But it certainly appears to be. When you are waxing, you are removing the hair from its roots. This is what causes unbearable pain. Unlike peeling the hair off while waxing, you just trim the hair above your skin while shaving. This means the hair still has its roots under your skin. This continues to grow. In waxing the hair takes more time as it should newly grow. But after shaving, you might want to shave again after two days. The main thing is it only takes ten minutes! This is why I am heavily recommending Gillette Venus razor cartridges. The Gillette Venus refills are also available.

Gillette Venus Breeze Hair Removal Razor Blades/Refills/Cartridges for Women - 2 Pieces (Avocado Oils & Body Butter)

Most notable points:

I have been talking about my personal experiences; now, it is time for some facts. Facts are always right, aren't they? Here are the most notable points about Venus cartridge razors. Do you know there is an indicator slip? Why is the Venus razor head the best? What makes it the best?

  • The three blades are engulfed in soft protective cushions that have a wonderful smoothening effect on the skin allowing a safe and close shave.
  • The pivoting rounded head is perfect to target hard to shave areas.
  • What more, know when you are getting the best possible shave simply by keeping track of the indicator strip with aloe and vitamin e!
  • The sleek handle is slip-proof with an improved grip, so go ahead and enjoy a nick-free shave and the ultimate nourishment for your skin.
  • See every little hair vanish, even bikini hair and experience the incomparable venus smoothness!

Gillette says:

Before ending the review, I would like to quote Gillette as they have written the perfect review. Gilette itself says this about their product:

"Gillette Venus razor is the perfect versatile and easy to use razor for women. This shower safe blade comes with refills which are each sealed separately to ensure that they remain clean and dry, even when stored near moisture. Don’t forget that Venus refill cartridges can be replaced with any Venus refillable system razors!"

Final thoughts:

Do you also not like waxing? Here's the best product I found as the replacement: Gillette Venus razor cartridges. You can explore the Venus Oceana range and their disposable cartridges. Do you prefer non-disposable? Buy it. Do you like safety razors? Buy it. Moisturize your skin and take care of it. Go buy the Venus cartridge refills and get your job done in ten minutes. I can only suggest what I liked. You don't want to get rid of your hair at all? Don't! At the end of the day, you do you girl!

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