October 20, 2019

I protected my computer with Quickheal Antivirus, did you?

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro Latest Version - 1 PC, 1 Year (CD/DVD)

Protecting your computer is very important in 2019. A person sitting across the world could hack your computer and steal data or even spy on you. Antivirus is the worst kind of computer-related problems. You could lose your data, and the computer may go haywire. Internet, friends, can be so disastrous in this regard. I chose Quickheal Antivirus for protection and, I 100% vouch for it. It was an affordable deal and gives me real-time internet security, malware protection and USB protection. The virus can seek into your computer from literally anywhere. I will start from the basics so we can emphasize on how important a Quickheal Antivirus Pro is and how much it will do for you.

What is a virus?

Quickheal Antivirus Pro

A virus, just like all other programs, is a system code but destructive in nature. It can harm your system and potentially destroy it. A virus replicates itself by modifying system software. You can get this from opening an infected website, clicking on infected ads, opening any unknown email attachment, using infected pen drives, and so on. It is called a virus because it operates similar to a microbial virus. This could be fatal to the working of your system. Review of this has to start only after basic understanding of virus, malware and antivirus.

What is malware?

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro Latest Version - 2 PCs, 1 Year (Email Delivery in 2 hours- No CD)

Malware is the general term used to refer to anything that poses a threat to your computer. Malware stands for "malicious software". The dictionary definition of malicious means "intend or intending to harm" and that is exactly what a malware is. It includes spyware, trojans, rootkits and many other harmful codes. Protection against any and all types of malware is very crucial. I use Qucikheal Antivirus Pro.

What is a logic bomb?

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro Latest Version - 1 PC, 1 Year (Email Delivery in 2 hours- No CD)

Wikipedia says a set of instructions secretly incorporated into a program so that if a particular condition is satisfied, they will be carried out, usually with harmful effects." It is a string of malicious code which is also called slag code. There might be destructive slag code right now in your system waiting for you to open a file or do something. They are active as soon as the required condition is met.

What is phishing?

Quick Heal Total Security - 2 PC, 1 Year (DVD)

Phishing (pronounced like fishing) is actually the most dangerous one. It refers to people and groups of people scamming people online with infected websites, emails, and so on to get protected personal information, including bank details. It is an attempt to obtain credit card details, online login details, and other such sensitive information. The moment I learnt this was the moment I decided to buy antivirus, and it was the Quickheal Antivirus Pro for the best price that there is!

What is an antivirus?

Quick Heal Total Security Renewal Upgrade Silver Pack - 1 User, 1 Year (DVD) (existing Quick Heal subscription required)

Antivirus is also software, but it has an opposing effect of a virus. It basically detects the presence of the virus and aims to destroy them. They work similarly to antibiotics that we ingest. There are always new viruses in the market, and it is important to have the latest antivirus. Antivirus is provided by different companies with different upgrades and features. Windows also has a windows defender, but it does not guarantee anything. You can buy any antivirus to protect your system from virus, malware, logic bombs and phishing. Buy Quickheal Antivirus Pro at the best price now for the required protection at affordable rates.

Why Quickheal Antivirus?

Quick Heal Internet Security Premium - 1 Users, 1 Years (DVD).

Quick Heal Technologies, an Indian company, develops security and antivirus software under its own name and also produces enterprise offerings under the Seqrite brand.

Quickheal is one of the most popular Indian antivirus providing companies out there with affordable rates. You get discounts on adding more devices. There is also a 30-day free trial. This free trial can easily clarify any queries you have. My review is mostly based on this free trial period since I purchased the product only a week ago. I have heard some customers complaining about them not responding with solutions on time. Other than that, there are positive reviews all around, which should be proof enough for the quality of the product. I tested Quickheal Antivirus Pro with a test virus. Guess what? It was immediately detected.  It has various features and a simple firewall.

Features of Quickheal Antivirus Pro:

Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro is the company's starter product for home users, although you wouldn't know that from the feature list. What all does this consist? Well, here is the answer. Your Quickheal Antivirus Pro package has

  • firewall,
  • sandbox
  • anti-keylogger,
  • intrusion detection,
  •  a 'TrackMyLaptop' antitheft system.

This package seems more like a suite than a standalone antivirus.

What does Quickheal Antivirus promise?

Quick Heal Total Security Latest Version - 1 PC, 1 Year (DVD)

The company Qucikheal Antivirus itself promotes its Qucikheal Antivirus Pro as follows, promising the following:

•             Our software is tough on malware, light on your PC.

•             Quickheal antivirus protects your data from data-stealing spyware and malware.

• Not only protection, but it also stops unknown threats that traditional antivirus software doesn't usually identify.

•             Provides internet safety by automatically blocks websites that can infect your PC.

My experience:

Max Secure Anti-Virus Plus - 1 PC, 1 Year (Email Delivery in 2 Hours - No CD)

The thirty-day trial was very easy to start and efficient in use. I found it easily on their website and could immediately start using it in minutes. I have heard people having some problems with the Windows defender and this while installing, but I did not find any. Quickheal handles multiple scans at once. I did not have to wait for the completion of one huge scan to get started with another. As I was running multiple scans at ones, it was a little slower than the average time it should take. It performed quite well in some small tests I performed. The sample virus was immediately detected, as mentioned above. The software was also effective in blocking some infected websites on the internet. Quickheal appears to be the only company providing so many companies for the best price possible. Buy the latest Quickheal Antivirus for the best price as soon as possible and protect your data. The amount ranges from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 for a basic package which is pretty affordable. There are various discounts and offers from time to time, giving us a chance to buy Qucikheal Antivirus at the best possible rate. I bought it in email, and it was delivered at an impressive speed of just 2 hours.

Final thoughts:

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro Latest Version, 3 Pc, 1 Year (CD/DVD)

I heavily recommend the use of Quickheal Antivirus and protecting yourself from the cruel world. The notable points are that the product is affordable, durable, and easy to use with almost instant delivery. What else are you looking for?

Quickheal or not, protecting your computer and data is very important in the internet world of 2019!

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