Pampers Baby Pant Diapers review
June 30, 2020

At an average, a child needs approximately 5,400 diapers in three years. Diaper manufacturers are very aware of this fact, and thus, they make every possible effort to ensure that their product remains the first choice of parents.

In fact, the selection of diapers depends on many things such as type, absorption, skin compatibility, dryness, ease of use, and material used for the diaper. Apart from all these factors, the price is another very important factor to be considered. Pampers is a well-known name in India and has been trustworthy in the era where many other companies prefer to decrease prices and compromise on other important aspects.

Pampers has been a household name and provided a varied range of products throughout ages to their customers. Some of their well-known products are Pampers premium care pants, Pampers baby pants diapers, Pampers fresh, clean wipers, Pampers active baby and Pampers splashers.

Here, we are providing a detailed review of one of the more recent Pamper products in the market, Pampers baby pants diapers.

Advantages of pampers baby pants diapers

Advantages of pampers baby pants diapers Extra absorption capacity Dry layer Baby lotions Paper used for diapers Elastic bandage Comfortable and airy Ease of wear Economical Available in various other sizes and combinations

Some advantages that we are going to discuss in details are-

  1. Extra absorb channels
  2. Flexible waistband
  3. Breathable soft belt and cuffs
  4. Baby lotion
  5. Magic gel

Extra absorption capacity

Pampers New Diaper Pants, Small, 86 Count

Pampers Baby Pant Diapers has three absorption channels. That means in comparison to other diapers; it has the ability to absorb more wetness.

Many customers claim that other brand’s diapers bent downwards when wet after using once. However, in the case of Pamper Baby Pant diapers, such problems have never been countered. This keeps the child in a comfortable condition for a prolonged time. It has the ability to lock wetness for up to 12 hours, and that is praiseworthy.

Dry layer

Pamper Baby Pant Diapers are very effective in comparison to other brand diapers. Its dry layer absorbs all the wetness soon after wetting. This was not the case in the other diapers tested.

Also, consumption of diapers has also decreased because of this dry layer, and there has also been a positive effect on customer’s diaper investments. This helps them save a lot of money.

Baby lotions

Young babies need to keep the diapers on all the time and because of these diapers; they are prone to getting rashes. But if you use Pampers Baby Dry Diapers, your baby does not have to face any such troubles.

Sebamed Baby Cream, Extra Soft

Pampers Baby Pant Diapers uses a special kind of baby lotion in its making. It protects the skin of the child from these rashes. Some other diapers manufacturers claimed the use of same baby lotion. But, it hasn’t been very effective and sometimes even adversely affected children’s skin. However, the lotion present in Pampers Baby Pant Diapers causes no such harm.

Paper used for diapers

The paper used in the making of Pampers Baby Pant Diapers is of very high quality. There have been claims by some people which says that the paper used for this diaper is not good and due to this, their child has to face troubles like rashes.

But I would like to mention that rashes on the skin of the baby are due to the mistakes of parents. Because these Pampers Baby Pant Diapers claim to keep dryness for 12 hours, this is why many parents do not change wet diapers even after hours.

If your child repeatedly urinates, it means that the diaper becomes wetter, and you should change it more often. It is recommended to change the diapers after at least 6 to 7 hours.

Elastic bandage

The elastic band used in the Pampers Baby Pant diapers is very good. Around it, there is a paper layer, which many people don’t use correctly. Instead of keeping that layer inside, they turn it outside.

However, when this strip is pushed towards the inner side of the diaper, then it not only works as a lock around legs but offers extra comfort from the tightness of the elastic band.

Comfortable and airy

The design of Pampers Baby Pant Diapers is very airy and comfortable. The baby does not feel any discomfort after wearing it.

Because it is airy, it causes no harm to the wet skin, as well.

Ease of wear

If one isn’t using Pampers Baby Pant Diapers, the diaper changing time required was found to be around 3 to 4 minutes. But in cases where children are too small, or the weather is too cold outside, then keeping your baby undressed for a long time can make them sick.

Pampers Baby Pant Diapers are very easy to wear and can be worn like a pant and that too within in a few seconds. At the same time, to change the diaper, you can either take off like a pant, or you can rip it off from the side.

Be very careful while doing so. You need to be gentle because you don’t want to hurt the baby.


For the time when the baby is 2 to 3 years old, a lot of diapers are needed every day. In such a case, if you opt for a mega box, then you will be able to save a lot more money on diaper expenses.

Price per diaper increases, in case, you buy a smaller pack. Also, for Pampers Pants Diapers, be sure to check deals on the internet because then you will be able to get a lot of discounts.

Available in various other sizes and combinations

Pampers Baby Dry Pants Diapers Monthly Mega Box, Large,

Pampers baby dry pants are available in various sizes and quantity combinations. Pampers extra-large size, Pampers pull up pants, Pampers medium size, Pampers pants front and back, Pampers pure pants, Pampers pants specials are some available sizes and types that you can find.

Disadvantages of pampers baby pants diapers

Some disadvantages that we are going to discuss in details are-

  1. It rips off easily
  2. It has a chemical smell

With a little mishandling, it rips off easily

The only negative that I experienced is – it gets torn easily. Thus, when putting it on, you need to be gentle not to rip it off. If handled carefully, this isn't a much big problem.

Chemical smell

This is more of a misconception than a disadvantage really.

Some people say that pamper pants have a chemical smell. But this is also a misconception. The truth is, the smell is not due to chemical, but due to the reaction of magic gel with the urine. If you keep changing the diapers at an appropriate time gap, then you don’t have to face any such problem.

Product overview

Let’s rate the different aspects of the products.

Packing- 4/5

Ease of Use- 4.5/5

Comfortable- 5/5

Absorption- 4/5

Skin Friendliness- 5/5

Size- 4/5

Worth for Money- 4.5/5

Price- 4.5/5

When it comes to diaper pants, there are vast options available in the market. However, most of them had a major con at some point or another. But from Pampers Baby dry pants, you can have everything (type, ease of change, comfort, skin effect, shape, ability to absorb), which makes a diaper better. This product is highly recommended by us.

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