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July 3, 2020

What is a pregnancy test and how Prega News-Review will help you?

A pregnancy kit more often than not involves a standard pregnancy stick test which may accompany a little holder or dropper relying upon the brand acquired.

A pregnancy test identifies the nearness of human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG), otherwise called the pregnancy hormone, which is found in the pee of a pregnant lady.

When do you need a pregnancy test kit?

"Missing your period, encountering spasms, queasiness, and sentiment of totality in your bosoms or shivering in them could be indications of pregnancy," says Dr. Anita Sabherwal, Consultant Obstetrician, Sitaram Bhartia Hospital in South Delhi.

prega news

"You can utilize a home pregnancy test to decide if you're pregnant."

Pregnancy Test: Are You Using it Right?

The pregnancy test kit ought to be utilized according to the directions in the bag itself.

Remember these tips to get accurate pregnancy test results:

  • Take the test 2 to 3 days after missed periods to guarantee reliable results
  • If you take the test too soon, you may get a 'false' negative result.
  • Take the pregnancy test in the first part of the day utilizing the morning pee test.
  • Chances that you have a dropper within reach, use it to include the pee dropwise in the stamped pit of the pregnancy test to avoid over-burdening the pregnancy test.
  • Pregnancy Test Kit Results
  • Chances that your pregnancy test indicates two lines, it implies that you are pregnant.
  • The images may vary contingent upon the pregnancy test utilized.

"A positive result on a pregnancy test kit is for the most part dependable," says Dr. Anita.

When you are pregnant, you may need to make alterations to your way of life. Peruse our Essential Guide for Managing Pregnancy Lifestyle Changes to realize what changes to make.

In a couple of cases, the test kit may give mistaken results.

"In such circumstances, you could be pregnant regardless of whether the result is negative. The kit may not have grabbed a deferred origination. "

A deferred origination could happen with ladies who are inclined to postponed or sporadic periods.

prega news pregnancy kit

"Chances that you have unpredictable periods, a pregnancy test kit may not demonstrate a positive result for half a month after the missed period, " says Dr. Anita.

"Chances that your first Prega news pregnancy test returns negative, you may need to take one once more."

  • Think about visiting your gynecologist
  • The result is a black outline since this is not a negative result
  • Chances that you have missed a period and feel on edge regardless of a negative test kit result
  • If there should arise an occasion of any disarray in translating the pregnancy test result.

Mankind Prega News Pregnancy Test –

Use, Accuracy, Interpreting The Results

It is challenging to miss Kareena Kapoor Khan supporting Prega News Test Kit with the line 'Maa Banne Ka Ehsaas Hota Hai Bahut Khaas,' which in reality is the situation. You are more likely than not seen Shilpa Shetty Kundra likewise supporting the test kit, making Prega News an easily recognized name to figure by with regards to testing for a pregnancy without venturing out of your home

How Soon We Can Take A Pregnancy Test?

Some pregnancy tests ensure a high affectability to hCG & can distinguish a pregnancy even 2-4 days before a period is expected. Except if your periods are irregular, the probability of getting accurate results with a pregnancy test even days after missing a period is about 95%-98%. Some pregnancy tests additionally guarantee to be 99% accurate –

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so you have to pick the one that has higher levels to hCG hormone. Most home pregnancy tests acknowledge hCG levels at 20 to 25 MIU/ml-the below the number on the home pregnancy test, the more noticeable the affectability to hCG and thus progressively accurate the results. Notwithstanding, guarantee that the pregnancy test has not terminated before you use it to identify pregnancy.

How Does Prega News Work?

Mankind Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit is a decision of Mankind Pharmaceuticals and is generally prominent in the Indian Market. It is a one-step primary methodology test card that identifies the approach of hCG to the number of 20MIU/ml.

 Prega News can deliver results in level 5 min, and is a brisk, proficient and bother free approach to affirm pregnancy without you venturing of the house.

If you have had a scene of unprotected sex and wish to know whether you have considered, you should put three drops of pee gathered in the dropper gave in the kit onto the test card. Sit tight for only 5 min and get the results!

Does Prega News Give Correct Results?

The accuracy of all pregnancy tests is to the tune of 95% to 98%. If you have not used a lapsed item, & have dropped the pee effectively on the test strip, you have high odds of getting accurate results. Chances that the test result is negative, you can either be not pregnant,

or you may have taken the test too soon. Even though pregnancy can happen notwithstanding when the degrees of hCG is as low as 5 MIU/ml; however, Prega News can identify the levels at around 20 MIU/ml. Subsequently giving some time and testing again after 4-5 days would be prescribed.

The test results are likewise increasingly accurate when tested with the first pee of the morning – given the grouping of hCG is high during the time.

How To Read Prega News Test Results?

Prega News is a simple approach to know whether a child is being shaped within you. The ideal route not to get erroneous results is to adhere to the directions cautiously. Reading the Prega News results is additionally simple –

prega news
  • A single pink line shows you are not pregnant.
  • Two pink lines show a positive pregnancy.

Distinctively hued lines, a darker and a lighter demonstrate that the test probably won't have been taken accurately. You may retake the test after 4-5 days.

If the test is positive, you are unquestionably pregnant, gave the Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit isn't terminated. In such a situation, fix your 1st antenatal meeting with a picked gynecologist right away.

If your test is negative; however, you do feel pregnancy side effects, do check again after a couple of days or get yourself examined at an emergency clinic.

Sometimes the result can be influenced because of the intake of specific drugs – do check the handout with the Prega News pack that rundowns the prescriptions affecting the test's result.

  • Upsides and downsides
  • Geniuses
  • The fastest approach to test for pregnancy at home
  • Accommodating chances that you have to begin or stop drugs
  • Helpful if there should arise an experience of birth control failure
  • Can start the pre-birth way of life changes


Testing too soon can mean a bogus negative result.

Except for having a doctor request an early hCG blood test, which is generally done just when there are restorative motivations to identify pregnancy as early as would be prudent, initial home pregnancy tests are the fastest route for you to see if you are pregnant during a specific menstrual cycle.

prega news

The most delicate tests available can conceivably give you a positive result four to five days before your period is expected, which means you don't need to trust that a missed period will see if you are pregnant.

Need to Start or Stop Medications

All around early testing can be useful if your doctor plans for you to begin or to stop any drugs when you find you are pregnant.

Birth Control Failure

Early pregnancy tests may likewise be useful if you were not proposing to imagine but instead had a birth control failure around the center of your cycle, and you need to know at the most unexpected opportunity whether you are pregnant with the goal that you can make appropriate arrangements.

Pre-birth Lifestyle Changes

An exceptionally primary reason which is referred to for doing early pregnancy tests is with the goal that ladies can be as sound as could be expected under the circumstances, eating tremendous and keeping away from liquor.

 If this is your objective, rather than taking early pregnancy tests—which can be negative regardless of whether you are pregnant—it may be smarter to expect that you could be pregnant and eat well and decline liquor doing those couple of weeks from origination to a missed period.

The amount Does Prega News Cost according to Prega news review

Prega News has been evaluated Rs. 50, and simply pregnancy test kit buy online from different sites. Furthermore comes in pack sizes of 3 and 5.

It is an exceedingly practical pregnancy test and is accessible at most physicists the nation over. You needn't bother with a specialist's remedy to get one.

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