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July 17, 2019

Kent Grand Plus 8 Liter Water Purifier Review

KENT Super Plus 8-litres Wall Mountable RO + UF + TDS Controller (White) 15-Ltr/hr Water Purifier

​Before going to the details of this water purifier from a reputed brand, let us focus on the simple and basic aspects. Do you need a water purifier in the present environment? The answer is Yes. You already guessed it. And the reason. Okay, we can see you are giving a dozen answers. Some are the water resources in your city have gone from bad to worse.

They are polluted, that includes even the groundwater and lakes. So you need to buy a water purifier to get pure water for your daily activities. But there exists another challenge. You must compare water purifier brands available in the market to make a good buying decision. Which one will you select? Here is where our water purifier experts come to your aid. They have searched the internet for valuable models and have focused on one best model from the Kent Brand. So, let us focus on Kent Grand Plus 8 Liter Water Purifier Review.

Popularity of Kent Water Purifier Models

KENT New Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO +Double UV+ UF + TDS (White) 20 ltr/hr Water Purifier
  • There are many water purifier brands in the market, but the Kent products have already made a name for themselves in this category. So let us focus on the best features of Kent Grand Plus 8 Liter Water Purifier.
  • The Kent Water Purifiers have got the certification from International Institutions such as CE, NSF and Water Quality Associations for their best standard features.

All India Service Network  

R.k. aqua Fresh India 5Stage Electrical Water Purifier for Cleaning Water 20-25 litres/Hour
  • The Kent brand of water purifiers has become a force to reckon within this industry. It does not matter if you have bought a Kent RO water purifier in Bangalore and have shifted to Pune. There are around 1500 Kent Service Centers in the entire country (India). So, any minor problem, you need not worry.
  • One of the main reasons is that they have evolved with time. And they designed the best features as per the needs of customers. A decade ago, there was a lot of hue and cry, that water purifiers remove the essential minerals in the water. And the Kent company in recent models have introduced a feature known as TDS controller, which helps retain the essential minerals in the water. You can call these models as Next Generation Water Purifiers.
  • There are some models, where you can notice the purity of water on the screen.

Features of Kent Grand Plus 8

Kent Grand+ Mineral RO + UV + UF + TDS Water Purifier
  • The color of the model is white.
  • Maybe, the manufacturers thought, purity means white.
  • But the water purifier will add to the decor of your home.
  • The consumption of electricity comes to 60 watts.
  • The UV lamp also comes to 11 watts.

Do you have a doubt on the installation of the water purifier? You need not worry. The Kent company allows free installation of the water purifier at your desired location.

There are four filter cartridges in the model. They are, by name,

Xisom 10 Inch + 1 Post Silver Activated Carbon Filter +1 PRE Silver Activated Carbon Filters & 1 Sediment Filter + 1 PC 8" Inch Mineral Used in All Type of Water Purifier

The technology used in the model is Reverse Osmosis (RO) + UltraViolet (UV) + UltraFiltration (UF). You can purify till twenty liters of water every hour. The amount of liters it can purify in a day comes to 100 liters.

  • The manufacturers have full faith in their product. So, they have given one year warranty. And for the next three years, you need not pay the company for maintenance and repair service.
  • The storage capacity of this water purifier comes to eight liters
  • When you buy this model, you get the water purifier, user manual, and installation kit.
  • The biggest advantage is that you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product. Or if you find any damage or defect in the water purifier features. But you should intimate the company within ten days of delivery.
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Double Purification

Since this product has a triple protection layer in the form of RO+UV+UF, you can expect only pure drinking water.

Mineral Retention Technology

 Ozean Rivera 15 LTR RO+UV+UF+Mineral+TDS Controller Electric Water Purifier with Installation kit by OZEAN
  • The chemicals, salts and even TDS get removed.
  • But there is a feature called a TDS controller.
  • It assists in retaining the minerals needed for the human body.
  • So, you do not lose the natural minerals in the water.
  • The KENT Grand Plus is suited for every kind of environment ranging from individual homes to large offices.
  • It can purify water belonging to taps, brackish water resources, and even municipal corporations.
  • Save Water Technology ensures water is not wasted.

Additional Features of Kent Grand Plus 8 Liter Water Purifier

Aquadyne Filter Service Kit for Aquaguard Reviva with Installation Guide and Video aided Fitment Support, 1- Piece, White
  • You have extra features such as the UV Fail alarm along with the Filter Change alarm.
  • So, now, you do not have to worry about getting signs such as bad taste in the water when it comes to change of filters.
  • The minimum temperature of water this Kent Grand Plus 8 liter water purifier can withstand is 10 degree Celsius.
  • And the maximum degree the model can withstand is 35 degree Celsius.
  • It is a wall installation type model and weighs 9.4 kg.
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Is there any time for replacement of parts?

It is the sediment filter that can take the most hits. So, you may need to change the cartridge every six months.

Why Do You Need A Water Purifier?

Quenchit Plastic Filter Set PP Spun with Granular Activated Carbon GAC and Carbon Block CTO for RO water purifiers up to 25 LPH, 10 inch, White

Since we have given the information on best features of Kent Grand Plus 8 Liter Water Purifier, let us focus once again on the need for this model in detail.

The water you receive from the Municipal Corporation in your city can contain minerals, impurities of various types. These unwanted components can cause illness. Filtering the water by making use of RO water purifier can help remove the impurities and purify water. The water, you get after processing by a water purifier will not only be clean from impurities, but also the taste improves.

Removal of Sediment from Water

      ‹     Back to results  Share 100% PP ₹ 530.00 + FREE Delivery Quantity: Add to Cart Buy Now Add to Wish List New (1) from ₹ 530.00 + FREE Shipping Bargain Finds Quenchit 4 Pcs Kemflo Original P… Quenchit    155.00 + Free Shipping 242 Namibind Kemflo 4Pcs Spun Filter… NAMIBIND    157.00 + Free Shipping 1437 A-Pure Sediment cartridge / filt… A-Pure    176.00 + Free Shipping 94 Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon      Xisom 10 Inch + 1 Post Silver Activated Carbon Filter +1 PRE Silver Activated Carbon Filters & 1 Sediment Filter + 1 PC 8" Inch Mineral Used in All Type of Water Purifier  Click to open expanded view Xisom 10 Inch + 1 Post Silver Activated Carbon Filter +1 PRE Silver Activated Carbon Filters & 1 Sediment Filter + 1 PC 8" Inch Mineral Used in All Type of Water Purifier

The water received in your home may contain silt, clay particles, and even silt. Although these components do not cause illness, they can change the taste of water. Usually, paper filters are used to separate sediment from the water.


Aqua Ultra Alfa T 14 Stage RO + UV + UF + MINERAL + TDS Controller Water Purifier

Have you traveled by train? You will find hawkers selling mineral water in bottles. It means, the water in the bottle contains minerals good for the human body. There are some minerals (manganese or calcium) that can change the taste of water. And there are some water purifiers which takes off the minerals before giving us pure water. Please note, the human body needs minerals and we get them through the water. There are some water purifiers which retain the essentials minerals and remove the unwanted minerals in waste water.


Ruby Complete 1 year RO Service kit suitable for All Water Purifiers (Sediment Pre-Filter + Sediment Filter+ Carbon Filter+RO Membrane with Housing+ UF Filter+Mineral Cartridge+Connector +Teflon Tape)

This is the main reason why water purifiers of every type are used in Indian homes. The water received from Government organizations for daily purpose can contain parasites and illness-causing bacteria. An RO water filter can effectively remove these unwanted organisms from the water.


Suman Tap Water Filter 16-19 mm (Blue/red/Green & Clear)

It was in the 1980s, that chlorine (even pesticides) were used to stop the breeding of mosquitoes and bacteria in wells. But the same chlorine caused many diseases. And it also changes the smell and taste of water. The carbon filter in the water purifier not only removes chlorine but also helps to retain the normal taste of water.


There are many industries who instead of working on their unwanted polluted liquid or waste send it to the ground. And if the lead seeps into the underground water, it can cause many harmful diseases. The RO water purifier in your home can effectively remove the lead from water.


We hope enough information has been given on the features of Kent Grand Plus 8 Liter Water purifier. Although there is a three year no service charge, the appliance can last even more than the specified time frame mentioned in the Kent manual. But yes, you will have to give regular maintenance service.

Where to Get Your RO Serviced In Hyderabad ?

Aquafresh Swift 15 Ltr Mineral Ro+Uv+Tds Adjuster And Uf Water Purifier - White

There will be times you will have to give the service even after the warranty has expired. In that case, where will you search for the best technician? Let us explain this situation with an example. You had brought a Kent water purifier five years ago for your Hyderabad home, and it was working fine. Of late, your family members complain of a change in the taste of water. You check the manual and opt for the DIY method. You find that the membrane has got damaged, and the appliance needs a maintenance service.

Now, instead of asking for referrals for water purifier repair expert from relatives and friends, seek the assistance of home appliance repair companies in Hyderabad. They have the best handyman professionals of every home electronic appliance in their payrolls. You just need to download the app and search for the best professional experienced in water purifier service in Hyderabad near your home. Place a booking request and make him come to your home as per your time. He will come at the exact time and give the service. The Kent water purifier will get back to normal condition.

Did you go through the reviews of Kent Grand Plus 8 Liter water purifier? Do you want more information on other home appliances? Then opt for our subscription letter.

AQUA Libra Water Purifier Ro+Uv+Uf+Tds Control New Technology Bags"(ALWP-04)

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