October 6, 2019

KENT Pride Plus Review

KENT Pride 8-Litres Mineral RO Water Purifier,White

One of the essential devices without which your house is insufficient is a water purifier. The dangerous levels of water pollution have made it impossible to consume water without using a correct purification procedure. The various filtration processes utilized by water purifiers get rid of different kinds of impurities and make water safe. With brand-new water purifiers being presented every day, picking the ideal item can be hard. The primary reason that you have to read the evaluations before making the final decision. KENT, a distinguished brand name in the water purifier market, introduced a brand-new item, KENT Pride Plus Check out the detailed evaluation to know whether it deserves the investment. Salient Features of KENT Pride Plus.

Here are a few of the innovative features and specs of KENT Pride Plus water purifier.

All New In-Tank UV Disinfection

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KENT Pride Plus is the first water purifier in India that has an in-tank UV disinfection function. The water tank of the cleanser has a UV light that decontaminates water at routine intervals. This in-tank UV disinfection technology keeps the kept water safe for use and consumption. Multi-stage Purification

Thinking about the variety of pollutants present in water, it is essential to select a water purifier that uses numerous purification procedures. KENT Pride Plus utilizes an advanced multistage purification technology to get rid of various kinds of pollutants and make it safe for intake. The water purifier uses a mix of RO+UF+TDS Controller and in-tank UV disinfection. The combination of technology makes the water purifier perfect for brackish/tap along with local corporation water.

KENT Pride Plus brings Mineral RO Innovation

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Lots of people are concerned about the taste of water when they prepare to buy an RO water purifier. KENT water purifiers come with a trademarked Mineral ROTM technology to resolve this water taste problem. KENT Pride Plus also uses Kent's patented ROTM Mineral technology. The distinct innovation assists in keeping vital minerals in water so that you get 100% safe and yummy drinking water.

High Storage Capacity

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Among the essential aspects to consider is its storage capacity. Considering the power cuts in India, it is needed to install a water purifier that can store distilled water. KENT Pride Plus can store 8 liters of purified water, and this ensures that you get a constant supply of clean water even if there is a power cut.

Water Level Indicator

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In addition to technology, you likewise need to think about the benefit of using the water purifier. KENT, being a leader in the water purifier industry, offers water cleansers that are easy to use. KENT Pride Plus comes with a water level indicator which keeps you notified about the amount of purified water provided.

Automatic Operation

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Another unique feature of the water purifier is its automatic operation. The automatic operation conserves you from the inconveniences of worrying about beginning the home appliance before the purified water reaches a minimum. The water purifier instantly begins the filtration process when water in the storage tank falls below the optimum level. Besides, the water purifier likewise immediately turns off when the storage tank is full.


Purification process

  • Multistage Purification Process- RO+UF+TDS+ in-tank UV disinfection
  • High Filtration Production Rate- 15L/hr
  • Suitable for- brackish, tap water or municipal corporation water
  • Design- Sophisticated and compact wall-mountable design
  • Storage capacity -8 liters
  • Total Power Consumption-60W
    Net Weight-7.4 kg.

Pros of KENT Pride Plus.

  • In-tank UV disinfection.
  • Wall-mountable style.
  • Leak-proof efficiency.
  • Water level indicator.
  • Fully automatic operation.
  • High storage capacity of 8 liters.
  • Patented ROTM Mineral technology.

Cons of KENT Pride Plus.

  • Needs continuous electrical energy supply.

The Verdict.

The combination of advanced functions, and specs, KENT Pride Plus, is a perfect water purifier for domestic purposes. Considering its features, Kent pride plus price is 16999. This water purifier is among the best appliances that you can set up in your home without breaking the bank. If you are looking for a water purifier that not just cleanses water however likewise adds to the look of your kitchen, bring home KENT Pride Plus water purifier.

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