November 2, 2021

If you’re trying to slim down your midsection, there’s no doubt that the search for the right waist trainer is a crucial step in your journey. But with so many different types of waist trainers available, it can be overwhelming to figure out which one is right for you.


This guide will show you the best waist trainer types for your body type, as well as how to go about choosing the right one that’ll help you slim down your midsection.

1. Hourglass or Compression Waist Trainers

Hourglass/compression waist training cinchers are the most popular type of waist trainer, which is why they’re always mentioned by celebrities who wear them under their outfits. These types of curvy body shapers smooth your silhouette while providing your body with the support for a more streamlined appearance.


There are two main types of compression waist trainers: longline or long waist trainers and high-waist. The difference between the two is that longline cinchers extend further down than high-waist variants, but both can offer excellent support.


The best compression cinchers are made from skintight fabrics, which are especially strong in order to prevent the fabric from stretching out over time.

2. Underwire Waist Trainer

Underwire waist trainers are not designed to hold your bust in place, but rather provide the support that helps you achieve a slimmer silhouette. This type of cincher can be worn under clothing or by itself for nightwear. This is because it’s designed with an open back so that it can accommodate your breasts without pinching or irritating them in any way.


The reason why underwire waist trainers work is that they’re designed with metal wire that crisscrosses your midsection and gives the necessary support. The wire also makes the cincher more durable and easier to maintain.


When purchasing an underwire waist trainer, make sure you choose one with good elasticity so it can fit comfortably without causing discomfort on your skin. Also, remember to buy a size smaller than your actual size so it doesn’t slip off while you’re wearing it.


3. Standard Waist Trainer

A standard waist trainer is simply a tube-shaped garment that you wear below your natural waistline to provide your clothes with the support they need to fit properly. It’s also known as a “cheater” or “waist-saver” because it does not have any visible undergarments.


You can wear standard waist trainers under clothes, but they’re mainly designed for nightwear because they are less likely to be seen by the public. They are also less visible than underwire cinchers, so many people use them in order to avoid attention from others.


4. Waist Cinchers

Waist cinchers are not only a popular choice for women who want to slim down their midsections, but also for men who want to look slimmer. These cinchers provide the same amount of support as undergarments in order to help you achieve a more slimmed-down appearance.


The one thing that makes a waist trainer different from other undergarments is its build, which consists of two slits on both sides which hold your body up and allow your skin to breathe. The supports are made from latex or nylon straps, so be sure to choose a model made from the right material.


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