July 5, 2021

Whether you want to add a touch of elegance to your portable office or home, cardboard file holders are a great choice! The decorated exterior looks and feels great when made of cardboard. Magazine holders can set up your desk, table, home, or workspace. Any text, book, file, folder, magazine, etc., may be assigned to this owner. It’s easy to adapt to your space. Cardboard file managers are essential and beneficial in making life easier in many ways.

You are surrounded by piles of papers where you can’t find what you need? Magazine file holders help you organize everything from bills and books, you choose from the magazine (or the magazine itself). They fit nicely on a table or shelf, and most of our range has a small opening that makes it easy to remove.


When looking for storage, I always try to think of how it can be reused as our needs change. I aim to select items that will stand the test of time and continue to be used and meaningful for many years to come. One of my “go-to” stuff is an inexpensive but always reliable file holder, and I think most of you have these in your homes too! Yes, they are perfect for handling that stack of essential documents, but they can be used in endless ways.


Identify your brand’s identity through Cardboard holders


The cardboard holders can be an ideal choice to attract customers to your file holder designs. You can add custom logos and company details on the file holders and can make it more worthy for the potential buyers; these file organizers can be very beneficial in growing your businesses and stand out from your competitors.

Below find 15 quick and easy ways to plan around your home using essential magazine organizers.


One thing to note is that these file organizers come in various materials, usually metal, plastic and cardboard, and some of these suggestions work best when they are solid or easy to clean.


  1. In the kitchen, use disposal/paper products; add a small stack of plates, cups, napkins, and silverware to those last-minute meals that can be challenged. This can be a convenient option for use in the case of branding the product.
  2. Magazine files prevent water bottles from rolling around inside cabinets or manufacturers.
  3. Combine a small food planning kit and add your favorite recipes, food magazines, shopping lists, coupons and a pen, and clear everything well inside the pantry.


  1. Food packaging and wrapping; Magazine files help keep them upright, so no collections or searches are needed. What about the sponsors and magistrates of the oven? Baking items; cookie cutters, sprinkles, whisks & spatulas and a hand mixer.


  1. You know I am obsessed with using in our fridge and freezer, but magazine files could take on similar functions. Like lunch making caddies! Fill these handy helpers with all of your favorite lunch items and sides for on-the-spot meal making.


  1. Also, in the fridge, these can be used to store fruits, vegetables, breakfast items, yoghurt, condiments, juices, etc.


  1. In a linen closet, magazine files can help hold folded sheets (much easier than trying to fold them neatly) with towels. A person or a room can also write them.

  1. In the laundry room, they can hold stain remover, lint roller, cloth shaving, starch, etc.


  1. Use one to hold hair tools (be sure to withstand the heat or wait to put things in until they are excellent).


  1. Hair products and toiletries; the magazine keeps them neat under the bathroom sink.


  1. Cleaning products and towels, but also, be sure to choose owners made of something easy to clean.


  1. Arrange and submit corral papers and bills you have to pay. Many folders are designed to fit perfectly, especially these specific types.


  1. Turn one into a valet/charging station to hold everyday items such as a key, change, wallet and phone.


Here is how to make that last one happen.

First, in handling the ropes, I made a hole in the back of the box with a wide brace. You can also use a knife to help cut out other types of material. I decided to install a decorative grommet to clean the edges and prevent any future tears.


To add “shelves”, I went to the wooden department of Home Depot and picked up the non-analytical boards. (I believe I used this railroad and this on the shelves.)


Set the design of file holders in style! Magazine Holder is an excellent solution for keeping home, office or class organized. They make a perfect solution for a bookshelf organization like workbook editors, piano book organizers, sheet music organization, comic book storage, etc.


Got More Questions?

Or want to get some fantastic custom cardboard, file holders? Cardboard file organizers from Boxes Xpert Hub can be an excellent choice for making your homes and offices organized.


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