November 28, 2022

The network technology, 4G, connects millions of smartphones to the internet. But you have any idea about how this functions?

This course is best for network engineers, application developers, sales engineers, and other telecoms. This course will teach you the technology behind the devices and apps we utilize daily.

You will learn a strong overview of EPC/LTE 4G networks, how they function, how these network structures are developed,  and which strategies and protocols are followed.

First, your exposure to the world network architecture will be gained, how radio interface and other interface works, and how secure these networks are.

Then you will get good exposure and deep dive into the operational side. What is the actual bearer? How is it instantly configured and then released soon? How are millions of terminals handled by 4G on the go all the period? The answers to all these queries will be learned in these courses.

In the coming years, the 5G advent will observe more than 20 billion mobile terminals go online. By knowing the main concepts of 4G, you will be prepared for the next era of mobile networking and the jobs of that era.

Whether a graduate or already in the same domain, you should look for 4G LTE Training In Pune. By doing so, you will target your career and build your necessary skills and will gain good and detailed practical learning that will put you into a race immediately.

What will learners get? 

By joining these 4G LTE Training Courses,  you will get the following things :

  • The learners will get a good piece of knowledge about the operations and architecture of the LTE system, including the radio interface (OFFM Based)
  • The course will provide you a good knowledge of the following:

¬          Features of LTE architecture, protocols stacks, call flows, and working scenarios with several actual time configurations and call logs.

¬          3GPP  specifications for LTE by knowing the course deeply and deep diving into the working of every network node, procedure, and interface.

¬          Evolution of 5G along with VOLTE

  • The course will provide you concept of many software tools like Wireshark and LTE-Sim, which are used broadly in various industries.
  • The learners will be exposed to the recent trends and practices that every company is following.
  • This course became a base for everyone who desires to be an LTE RAN Developer, LTE feature tester, LTE core creator, Testing engineer and feature developer, RF engineer, and Systems engineer.
  • The course will provide you with the best knowledge and understanding of the structure and architecture of LTE systems, and you can understand how all these systems operate and function. The 4G LTE Training In Mumbai will open many doors of career opportunities for the learners as this course is highly collaborated with industries and will provide you with everything you require to understand while working with these new 4G networks.
  • By learning this course, you can get a good job in various sectors, so that you will set your career.
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