June 14, 2021

The success of your brand depends upon various things that contribute to the improvement of the Agent Experience.  The agent experience improves on the basis of the treatment given to the agents. Nowadays the agent experience is more important for the brand to grow.  Agent satisfaction influences brand loyalty, and overall satisfaction that is related to the product and services.

The quality of the services of the product is closely linked with the call center agents. Agents’ skills, behavior, creativity, problem-solving skills, responses to questions- all these have a great and strong impact on the caller’s overall experience. There are some agents who have given autonomy in solving the customer issues, and the request is provided to be more efficient services to the customer support.

Personalized information to the customer gives more weightage to the customer experience that also focuses on the improvement of the overall quality of the services. Furthermore, the real-time customer card that pops up on the brand’s website is really beneficial in terms of viewing the agents’ interactions with the customers.

Following are some tips you can follow to make your agent’s experience better.

Tips To Improve Agent Experience: 

There are many businesses and companies that focus on boosting customer satisfaction and also improving the Agent Experience, however, the quality of services that the agent and the customers want has been increasing. Customer satisfaction is directly proportional to customer satisfaction that also influences loyalty.

For improving the agent  Experience, it’s essential to have real-time customer experiences to be more interactive with the help of the Call center scripting software. Here are 5 Tips To Improve Agent Experience that one must know about.

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1:Active listening:

Behind every customer service call, there is an  enterprise knowledge management system that provides accurate answers and solutions to the customer’s queries. The customer who is asking the queries needs to have a feeling of being understood in real-time, heard, and served. The essential key to developing a strong bond is to practice active listening daily with your co-workers and family.

The conversational approach is to be an active listener first. With active listening, the agents need to know the demographics of their customers. Agents must spend more time in creating the customer service personas, to help the agents better envision exactly whom they are dealing with on a day-to-day basis.


2:Use positive language:

While attending to the customer’s problem, the listener should have a positive approach and should use positive language while talking to them. Words are powerful, they help in creating strong bonds with the customer. A positive approach and the language will take away the stress. Let us understand this with an example. Instead of saying “do not click on the red option” say “the best option could be the green option right there”.

Using the future tense during a conversation in a positive way, that doesn’t dwell on the past experience of the customer.  While talking to the customer make sure that your customer experience should be memorable and you should look authentic, positive. You must have a thought about what to speak to the customer to increase  the customer satisfaction, with the help of call center scripting software can be way too easy for the agent to deal with the customers.

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3:Improve Your Technical Skills:

Customers may have come with all types of problems and they want to solve the queries fast. In this case, Call center scripting software  plays an essential role in giving fast and accurate responses to the customers. In real-time human interaction, the agents should understand how to use your live chat and ticketing system and learn to type fast.

The software name call center scripting software should be updated with the advancement of the technology. The agents at the call centers must invest their time in mastering their skills. The organization must invest their time in the agent skills, review their performance and statistics, and should work upon the weak areas and skills.

4:Communication should be clear:

Agents should have the ability to communicate clearly in writing as well as verbally. It is important to answer all the customer questions clearly. Customers want explanations, not the answers to be detailed.  It is important for the agent to have proper communication skills and will be able to communicate the answer in an accurate form. The customers need quick answers to resolve their queries quickly, the agents need to be more specific while answering.

The communication should end with a question, “Is there anything else I can do for you today?”. This will make the customer understand that you are done resolving their queries and they have more opportunities to ask more.

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5:The customer feedback should be analyzed and measured:

The best way to understand if  your customer service is top-notch is to ask your customer and take their feedback. To take the feedback from the customers use the customer service metric tools and ask about your services, products, etc.

Agents must look for common ground while communicating with the customers, the reason being is that while communicating with the customer over the phone call or email or via live chat, we don’t see the customers’ facial expressions. Customers want to feel connected and your agents can cater to them better by learning from the feedback what they want.

The major issue comes when there is lack of clarity  within a team of advisors as to what is expected of them.This can create damage and affect the organization contact center performance. The only solution to this one should define the performance standards of their organization.

Let us consider the following question when it comes to defining the performance standards of their organization in the call center scripting software:

  • Have we defined what “good” looks like in coaching and quality monitoring?
  • Are the expectations of our team leaders and coaches consistent?
  • Do advisors have any insight into how their performance is being assessed?

One must have a clever answer to these questions, if they do not have the clear answers then they must involve the advisors in quality calibration sessions, so they can see for themselves how their performance is being measured.


Creating a good customer experience and improving the agent experience, all depends upon the nurturing and caring of the agent and then the customer. Taking care of the agent first and improving the agent experience will lead to conversion and customer satisfaction. But, there are some customers who look for their values to be aligned with the brands.

There should be an emotional connection between the agents and the customer, so that the agent  can be empowered in terms of gaining an ice breaker conversation. With the help of  these five tips the agent experience can be improved.

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