February 10, 2022

– You are planning and preparing for your next movie night.

– You have just opened your laptop and have started downloading something you have wanted to watch.

– You are okay with the estimated time, &


Then suddenly, you are ambushed with something very annoying.


A slow internet!


We have all been there, and when we say that it is frustrating, it is kind of like an understatement.


You were in a mood, willing and ready to be prepared so that you did not have to browse through the endless movie list.


However, there is soaking water all over your plan.


You find yourself slamming the laptop and not even thinking about downloading again and essentially blaming the weather or your internet service provider.


What if we say it’s neither, and there are ways in which you can increase your downloading speed.


It could be something that you are doing!

How To Increase Your Internet Speed

Whether you are trying to stream something or downloading a huge file from https://ipiratebay.org/ for free.


Yes, for free! Click on the link if you do not believe us!


However, a fast internet downloading speed is required for this, and here is how you will achieve it.

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So, calm down, take a deep breath, and do as we say.

1. Use VPN

Yes, VPN networks can slow your internet speed, but it is only when you are using a free service. If you want your VPN to increase the speed of the internet, then you will need to avail it with money.


Use the pirate bay to download it for free!

Because of the private network, you will be protected from bandwidth throttling from your ISP. A legal method in which your ISP hogs your speed to prevent data congestion in an area.

2. Check Your Bandwidth Speed

Whenever you face any issue with the internet, even after knowing that you have paid a lot for high-speed bandwidth, it is about you not receiving the speed which you paid for.


So, if you see that the internet speed received is less, you should immediately contact your ISP. But, at the same time, you might be working with the same bandwidth speed for quite some time. Thus, an upgrade might be overdue.

3. Change The Router Location

The router location is not a myth!


Yes, the internet speed might differ depending on how close or far you are from the router. So, if your router or modem device is sitting in the corner closet of the bedroom while you are trying to download something in the living room, you have to get the device closer to the PC or phone.

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While you are at it, try to switch it on and off one time.

4. Disable Background Application

There are certain applications that can hog the internet speed as the default setting allows them to open in the background.


What you open the application property and disable the ‘open in the background’ option. There will be a big difference in the speed afterward.

5. Close All Windows & Tabs

You might have some tabs and windows which you are not using. However, that doesn’t mean that they will stop using your data.


If you are downloading a big file, try to close these unused tabs and windows. You need to clear your bandwidth while downloading.

6. Disconnect Other Devices

Check your internet connection and see how many devices are connected in the bandwidth.


If it is an important file, you can kindly ask your family members to disconnect or use their cellular network while you complete your download.

7. Scan For Viruses

Yes, viruses can derail your internet speed.


This is why you need to scan the device in your antivirus once in a while to look for any residual threats which could be influencing a slow internet speed.

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Get Your Desired Downloading Speed!

You have to keep your device intact and regularly check your bandwidth and antivirus if you want to achieve the desired download speed.


Plus, if you think that your router is too old, upgrade them in two to three years to catch up with the internet speed.

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