January 31, 2022

Ensuring the security of your home is an important part of making it an ideal living space. Your home needs to make you feel completely secure, since it is where you spend most of your time. Your living space has to be a place where you can relax and be completely at ease, without a constant fear of potential threats at the back of your mind. There are a lot of factors which can contribute to improving your home’s security, one of the main components of security being lighting.

Lighting and security are closely related when it comes to home security. Lighting can contribute a lot to making your home the perfect place to keep all your belongings secure. With how versatile lighting is in every household, using it strategically can allow you to add an extra layer of security to your home, without the hassle of investing further in fancy home security equipment.

You can consider the following tips to improve your home’s security using lighting.

Use Smart Lights

When trying to improve the security of your home without a proper security system, lighting is a good place to begin. It is a relatively simpler component of home security, which means you won’t have to get into something too complicated at once. The process becomes easier for people with smart homes, since they can already control their lights using Google Home smart speaker with Google Assistant.

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Smart lights have features which allow them to create the perfect atmosphere in any living space. They are versatile, reliable and can be controlled through an app on your phone, so that you don’t even have to manually turn them on or off. Smart lights can increase visibility around your home, and the motion sensors they are equipped with can help you detect potentially suspicious activity a lot more easily. Whenever someone walks into a room with a hidden motion sensor, the lights will turn on to expose them.

Focus On the Exterior

Once the indoor areas of your home have been secured, you might want to focus on the exterior as well. There are many places right outside your home where potentially harmful activities can take place. This refers to hiding places for burglars, or the neighborhood kids causing property damage. You can monitor this by either removing all obstructions, such as unnecessary bushes or swing sets, or installing security cameras in the nearby area.

To improve exterior lighting, the best way to go about this would be to get solar-powered LED lights. These lights are the easiest, most hassle-free way to make sure that your home’s outdoors remains illuminated whenever it gets dark outside. While these lights may be a big investment initially. There are no electricity costs, which makes the purchase worth it.

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Aside from this, the porch and backyard need to be well-lit. For the front area of your home, you can even get flood lights to drive away any unwanted visitors.

Bright, yet Ambient

If you’re worried about your home losing the soft, aesthetically pleasing glow you want due to security concerns, it is not an issue. Even if you are using lighting for security purposes, you can continue to do so in a way that your home still looks beautiful. Lighting used for security purposes doesn’t necessarily have to be too bright or too harsh. You can use soft, warm-toned lighting to create a balance between ambience and visibility.

A good way to do this would be to add candles to the room. Scented candles can help improve lighting in your home while also contributing to the ambience of the space. The brightness of your lights depends on how dull your home is and the extent of the existing visibility around it. A lot of street lights are enough to illuminate certain homes on the outside, with some of the light falling inside as well – however, there are neighborhoods where your home may be completely dark if you don’t work on lighting it yourself.

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Keep Them On

A home with the lights on tells any potential intruders that it is occupied, and for a lot of people, this is enough to drive them away. Keeping the lights on whenever it gets dark outside is a very effective security measure, since burglars tend to target homes which seem vacant. The key is to make sure that even if you cannot do it yourself, a neighbor or a close friend turns the lights on in your home every evening. If the porch light is on, this will be a further indication of the fact that people are inside.

Smart lights are an excellent choice for this, since they can operate on schedule and will keep your home safe with remote monitoring and motion sensors. You will be notified whenever someone enters your home, since the lights will be turned on. Smart lights are also a good pick for this due to how energy efficient they are.


Proper home security doesn’t have to be too complicated to achieve. You can take precautions to make you home more secure, without having to spend an unnecessary amount of money on expensive security systems and gadgets. Not all homes need such an extensive system for complete protection, which is why looking for low-budget alternatives can be very helpful for homeowners. Out of these alternatives, lighting may be the most effective one.

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