August 25, 2022


Having an Internet connection for tourists is necessary for several reasons. A traveler may want to utilize some applications or contact family members and friends.

Thus, there should be internet access for foreign tourists no matter what EU country they are in. Let’s consider useful tips on how to make the internet available for all travelers.

H1: Role of the Internet in Modernity

Nowadays, we live in a century of rapid internet development. One can watch movies and shows using home wifi, stay in touch with relatives and loved ones, and even study online. Today, the internet turned from a luxury to a necessity.

Aside from ordinary users, who pay bills, view funny content, and gather information from the internet, tourists may require a free connection in any country as well. Of course, travelers may utilize the data plan of their providers as usual. However, they should be ready to pay for roaming a large amount of money.

Thus, to save money, the need to seek an available and secure network appears. Let’s take a look at pieces of advice on how to use the internet and make it accessible while in one of the EU countries.

H2: Utilize Free WiFi

Of course, using free wifi will come first to your mind when thinking of available internet. Your hotel or guest house surely can provide tourists with free internet. As a rule, its speed and features allow visitors to utilize applications, download offline maps, contact relatives and friends, etc.

If you intend to use free wifi in your hotel or place of stay, you should consider installing VPN for iOS and Android devices. What advantages setting up a VeePN for iPhones and other devices can bring to tourists? First, with VPN apps, you can get access to any online content without restrictions. Also, it guarantees a secure network. Answering the “what is my IP” question with the help of a VPN, you will be able to change your location, prevent yourself from being a victim of hackers, and use free wifi freely.

H2: Utilize International Roaming

The simplest variant is to utilize your own SIM card. This is especially beneficial if you live in an EU country and decide to travel within the European Union. The reason is that roaming charges were canceled in the EU. Still, it is recommended to verify whether your mobile operator set some limitations.

H2: Purchase a Local SIM

If your own SIM card does not fit, you are able to purchase a local SIM card directly at the airport. Still, before arrival in any EU country, it is advised to study this question. Find out prices on local SIMs, where their prices are lower, data plans, coverage, the validity of the SIM cards, etc.

H2: Purchase an International SIM

Aside from local SIM cards that offer internet access for foreign tourists, there is also an option to purchase an international SIM. Such cards can work in several countries. It is possible to receive calls free of charge with international SIM cards.

H2: Utilize In-Flight WiFi

The times when the free connection in any country of the EU with available internet becomes possible on all commercial flights in Europe are near. While we are waiting for those times, some airlines in Europe have already started to provide tourists with in-flight Wi-Fi free of charge.

H2: Purchase Portable Router

A portable router is an affordable and simple way to have an internet connection in any EU country. It allows several devices to make use of the internet simultaneously. This is especially handy if you travel with your family or a company of friends. The only rule is to purchase and insert in the portable router a compatible SIM card with network coverage for a place of your destination.

H2: Rent a Smartphone

The last but not least recommendation is to rent a smartphone. This option will be handy for you in case your smartphone is locked. Your hotel may probably offer you a free smartphone for utilization. For security, do not forget to make use of VPN apps especially if you decide to utilize a renting smartphone. One should have a response to the “what is my IP” matter in order to hide or change it if needed, and avoid appearing in the trap of cybercriminals.

H3: Conclusion

The internet is a necessity even during travels. Whether it is required for you for ordinary or work purposes, an internet connection should be available for all tourists. If you are planning your trip to any EU country, you can familiarize yourself with our recommendations on how to make the internet accessible for travelers.


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