October 15, 2021

Gas is a well-known renewable source of energy. With lots of us becoming more conscious of carbon emissions, swapping to gas makes sense as it is an environmentally friendly way to get power in your house. The gas bottles are available in distinct sizes to suit residential and commercial applications. With lots of options available on the market, how do you decide which one will suit your home requirements? They can be divided into two parts, such as home and commercial use.

Domestic LPG gas bottles come in different sizes, such as 4kg, 9kg, 45kg, 90kg, and 210kg. 4kg to 9kg of bottles is usually used for camping or any mobile purposes. In contrast, high-capacity users or commercial users opt for the 90kg, 210kg, or larger LPG tank dimensions that begin at 0.5 tonnes and go up to + 50 tonnes. You can ask any reliable LPG gas supplier to determine which gas bottle size is suitable for you.

What size and proportions of the gas bottle should you choose?

Picking up a gas bottle size will depend upon your space, storage capacity, and gas consumption every month. A perfect starting will be to ask yourself the below stated two questions:

  • Are you utilizing gas for normal cooking or heating purposes, or both?
  • How many individuals are there in your home?

The 45kg gas bottles are the most commonly used bottles for domestic purposes. A company would accommodate two 45kg gas bottles attached in tandem. An exchange lever lets you change bottles.

So when they get empty, you change over to the new one, confirming you have a continuous gas source. This trick ensures you remember or order a replacement container when you choose the next bottle. Having two bottles is specifically efficient for those living far from urbanized areas and where instant delivery of gas is not as frequent.

Here is the quick specification of 45kg gas bottles:

  • The 45kg gas bottle has 88 liters of capacity.
  • It has a diameter of 375mm.
  • The 45kg bottle weight is 33 to 42kg with 1250mm of height.

How long does a 45kg bottle last?

A 45 kg gas bottle is usually used in a house. It lasts up to 22 days or up to 480 days or more depending upon your usage. A 45kg gas bottle will last around 6-7 weeks with a 4-person household using gas for cooking and hot water. It is based on water-saving showerheads and 8–10-minute showers.


This may be less in the winters, as you need more hot stuff or water in the cold. Life-span off bottled also depends upon your cooktop burner. A large burner takes more gas, whereas a small burner takes less gas.

How do you measure the level of gas left in your cylinder?

The best way is to measure the weight of the bottle in two ways – calculating the overall weight of the cylinder itself and the weight of LPG gas in it. For example, if the weight of the empty cylinder is 16kg, you will get to know the weight of LPG inside the cylinder.


How to choose an affordable and reliable gas supplier for filling purposes?

When looking for an LPG supplier, avoid a company that is constantly experiencing stock delays. No business can afford a stop in their production due to limited fuel sources. So, it’s necessary to select a reliable LPG supplier to keep up with the demands for fuel in your industrial projects.


You may see or hear about lots of LPG suppliers claiming to be the best in the market. It makes it difficult for you to select one of them to fulfill your needs at your home. So before working with any LPG supplier, you need to research well. There are lots of factors to consider, which include:


  • Know previous deals and the history of the company
  • Defining areas of technical expertise
  • Understanding safety requirements

Choosing the best supplier that can fulfill the needs of your home appliances ensures that your essential activities continue without a halt.

Final Verdict

Having an LPG connection is as effective as having an electrical connection that people cannot live without. You may live without having a phone or internet for days.

But not being able to cook by yourself a meal feels like a huge money buster, not to mention unhealthy. So, make sure to choose the best and affordable LPG supplier for installation and refilling purposes.

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