June 28, 2021

Portable Document Format (PDF) is popular among students, teachers, and employees. This format works not only in saving word documents but also in images. It has high popularity as it preserves the original style of photos after compressing it. A user can customize, edit, share and even print a picture saved in PDF. It helps you to print an image without compromising its quality.


But, you can also find some drawbacks in this format. Printing an image saved in PDF may have poor quality. With that in mind, you may convert your PDF files to PNG.

Online Tools Helpful to Convert PDF to PNG

word to PDF are more popular than PNGs. With that in mind, you may ask how to do the PDF to PNG conversion. There are several tools available online that can help do the process. One of those is the GogoPDF.


The internet offers you an array of PDF to PNG converter tools you can choose from. You can access most of them on any device as long as you connect them to the internet. With that in mind, you can start converting your PDF files into PNG images with no worry.


The following are the common reasons you should start converting your PDFs into PNGs. Read on to know further.

Seamless editing with a high-quality result

You can edit any document saved as a PDF. https://www.sodapdf.com/jpg-to-pdf/ Editing an image in a PDF is way easier than PNG. But editing your images in PDF may not give you the best result. End products edited in PDF do not have the quality good for uploading online. This is the main reason you should convert your PDFs to PNGs for easy editing.

Share the edited pictures on any social media platforms

Any form of social media platform is about pictures and images. Word documents saved in PDF allow you to copy-paste its content to share. Omit images saved in PDF files, you cannot do copy-pasting.


You can share an image in a PDF file with your social media, but you cannot guarantee its quality and resolution. So, it would be better to first convert the image from PDF to PNG.

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Reduce file sizes

Another reason that may encourage you to convert your PDF files to PNG is that it reduces large file sizes. This means that a single file won’t take much storage space. With PNG, you can shrink file sizes without compromising image quality. PNG is the only one that can decrease file sizes while retaining its quality.

It is transparent

Transparency support is another immense advantage of PNG images to other file formats. This means that you can put another layer of illustration or design on your current image. Mostly, PDF images and documents feature white-colored backgrounds. If you place other designs or colors on it, it would be an eyesore.

Beneficial for video editing

Most video editing tools cannot attach an imported document to the video. Most of them only support PNG and other similar formats. PNG images have the highest quality and resolution. This is the reason many video editors like them. Thus, when you attach the image to the video, it will not look pixelated or distorted.

Compatible in a wide range of devices, software, and programs

Its compatibility is another significant reason you need to convert your PDF files into PNGs. Aside from Adobe Acrobat, there are no other browsers that support PDFs. That’s why PNG images are way better because of their compatibility with several devices. Also, viewers don’t need to use a browser to view it.

LZW quality

LZW quality is another significant feature of PNG images. It makes PNGs stand out among other file formats.


When you convert an image to PNG, it will not lose its quality. Thus, you can edit as many images as you want in this format. After editing, you can share the images and make sure to save them too. Also, you repeat viewing the image while retaining its quality.

Wide support in different online platforms

The adaptability is another reason that PNG differs from other file formats. It is also known because of its best transparency and quality. Thus, it is compatible with a wide range of online platforms, including TIFF, JPG, and more.


With that, it is very popular in graphs, logos, and other corporate graphics.


Final Thoughts

The reasons you should convert a PDF file to an image format are endless. It meets the diverse needs of any user. So, if you want to print an image without losing its quality, it would be great to use the PNG format. No matter who you are, a student, employee, or teacher, converting PDF to PNG might help you.


Those are the reasons many professionals recommend PNG formats more than PDF files. If you are looking for an excellent tool to use for PDF to PNG conversion, you may try the GogoPDF.

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