March 13, 2021

Before choosing your Wi-Fi amplifier, you should look at some points that will be basic so that you can make a completely correct decision. Among the main points to consider are the following:


You must bear in mind that the maximum speeds in many cases are theoretical, and the device can operate at a slightly lower speed. Everything will depend on the type of connection you have contracted and that you want to amplify throughout the house.

It will also depend on the obstacles such as furniture or walls that are in the way. If you have a very high-speed connection you may need a 2200MBps model. But, in general for most homes, a speed of 300MBps will be more than enough to achieve good performance.

Wi-Fi signal type

This is an important point, especially since some devices will support both bands, while others will only work at 2.4GHz. You should make sure that the repeater you buy is compatible with the type of band you need in your home.

In many cases, some of these devices are not compatible with the 5GHz band, which may mean that it should only be used with 2.4Ghz connections. For this reason, it is an important point to take into account before you buy this type of device for your home.

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It is a very important aspect, especially since there are both internal and external. The internal antennas allow for a much better aesthetic appearance because they will not be noticeable at all. However, they may be a bit less practical to provide greater coverage.

On the other hand, the range of external antennas is wider, which allows wider spaces to be reached. In addition, they can be directed to some specific places, which allows you to redirect the signal of the Wi-Fi network to wherever you need it in a very simple way.

One of the best Wi-Fi boosters with 2 built-in antennas is RangeXTD. This Wi-Fi extender can be easily plugged into a wall socket and amplify the signals drastically. This RangeXTD WIFI booster review will tell you everything there is to know about this device.

Ethernet connection

Most of these devices fully support wired connection for wired devices. If you are going to place it near a device that requires a cable connection, you must make sure it has the connection port for it.

In any case, you should be clear that some devices do not yet integrate a Wi-Fi connection, and it may be necessary to connect them by cable to have internet on them. So, this is a fundamental point that you must take into account when choosing.

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How does a Wi-Fi signal booster work?

The operation of this type of device is actually very simple, because it will capture the signal from the router and expand it so that it reaches further. However, it also works the other way, to return the data to the router and send it through the internet.

This is a device that allows you to amplify the Wi-Fi signal of any home, taking the same username and password from the network. In this way, you will avoid changing any type of extra configuration on the devices, because they will always connect easily to your network.

Some allow you to have your own network name, but this can be a big problem, because you will have to reconfigure all your devices. Regardless of the system they use, you must make sure that your devices connect to the extended network and not to the weak originating network. In any case, you will not have to do anything beyond connecting your devices to the extended network and the device will take care of all interactions with the router.

Where is the Wi-Fi signal booster installed?

It is important to bear in mind that what a Wi-Fi extender will do is amplify the router’s signal through its own signal. This allows it to go further and for other devices to receive this signal optimally, so you must place it somewhere between the two devices to get the signal to be received.

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You must bear in mind that the Wi-Fi extender will need its own plug to fulfill its function. You should not place it too far from the router, especially since this will cause the signal to be unable to transmit and not get correctly between the devices.

Some models have a light system, by which they can indicate the intensity of the signal they are receiving. This way, you can make sure you place it where there is a good signal for stable, reliable and high-speed data transmission.

On the other hand, some use an app to meet this objective, and it is best to experiment with different places until you find a position where you can easily place it. Remember that just one meter of difference in position can greatly alter the reception of the signal.

The obstacles like a door or cabinet can also negatively influence it. Therefore, you must have as few obstacles as possible so that the Wi-Fi has much more reach throughout your home.

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