November 8, 2021

Digital Signature Certificates(DSC) are used to digitally sign documents.DSC is mainly used to sign e-forms and various documents electronically. If a user who has obtained DSC needs to be authenticated, they first have to enter their DSC to the GST portal.


This can be made possible through logging in to the GST portal. Also, what are GST late fees? GST late fees are fees charged for the late filing of GST returns. If one needs to calculate their GST late fees then the GST late fees calculator is available which will aid in knowing the amount that needs to be paid along with interest.

When does a DSC error in GST happen?

If the user is filing the GSTR return with DSC, they receive this error. An earlier version of Emsigner used port number 1645 (, but now it is using port number 1585 (, which causes the DSC error in GST. Click here for more info.

How to fix DSC errors in GST?

For Internet explorer

Follow the steps given below.

  • Install the latest version of the browser.
  • Java needs to be updated to the latest version.
  • After the installation of Java is done, visit the Control Panel settings on your PC or laptop. Java settings can be found in the Control Panel after java has been installed.
  • Next, click on “Security” and modify the site list by entering ‘’’’.
  • Install the latest version of Emsigner for GST from here and remove old versions of emsigner for traces/MCA if it is present. In GST, the emsigner should only be installed for anything related to signing. Also, make sure that it is in running mode. Its status can later be checked by clicking on the right side below on the PC or laptop and when the emsigner is working, a pop-up appears.
  • Restart the laptop or PC.
  • Once this step has been completed, right-click on the application and choose “Run as administrator”.

For Mozilla Firefox

Follow the steps given below.

  • Follow steps from 2 to 7 which are mentioned above.
  • Enter the valid DSC token which is in the USB drive and make sure that the DSC is functioning.
  • Then, Launch Mozilla Firefox and go to tools. Under tools, go to options and then click privacy and security.
  • To make sure that the options are selected, scroll down to security.
  • Enter into your browser and you will see the below error message.
  • Go to advance. Click on Accept the Risk button and then you might be prompted with an error or to search for this address, but that shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Sign your return with a DSC now.


These errors occur frequently on all the servers and can be fixed by following the steps mentioned. Make sure you type the exact URL mentioned above.

{"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}