December 1, 2021

Fleet-driven organizations operate with their drivers as their greatest assets. It is the organization’s prime duty to keep drivers safe and make them feel valued.

However, it’s a struggle to keep drivers and vehicles productive on the road, reduce collisions and all the other costs in a balanced manner.

Through AI dashcam technology and fleet management safety programs, the fleet operators can have the ability to monitor and prevent fleet vehicle accidents, driver safety and also improve the fleet management business efficiency.

The advanced AI dashcam technology provides data-backed video evidence to claim vehicle insurances from adverse accidents and ensures the safety of human life and inventory in the fleet vehicles.

AI dash cams – driver and vehicle safety

Integrating new technologies like Artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning with traditional dashcam technology uplifts the fleet management operations to another level.

AI dash cams for trucks and cars reduce driver distractions, promote driver safety and vehicle efficiency on the roads.

Through dual-channel dashboard camera features in the system that faces both drivers and the road, live video streaming is accessible to the fleet operators and owners.

AI-powered sensors in the system send immediate small alert notifications of dangerous events to the fleet operators like distracted driving, speed, harsh braking, veering off the road, or taking sharp turns.

This fleet management software is very innovative, helps fleet owners and operators to use real-world telematics to train and encourage drivers towards better driving behavior, and promotes vehicle safety.

By leveraging the power of AI software, fleet owners can provide reliable service without any disruptions. The power-backed telematics aids them as proof for insurance claims or fighting a lawsuit in case of terrible accidents.

How can AI dashcam technology impact driver safety:

The dash cams powered by AI, GPS tracking system, and Route optimization software allows fleet operators to be proactive and have control over the safety of the driver, vehicle, and assets for the entire duration of transportation.

AI monitoring systems record and interpret events inside and outside of the vehicle that helps fleet managers to show a demo during driver training.

AI technology makes drivers operate commercial trucks and cars following road rules and regulations with more caution and attentiveness.

AI dashcam technology merged with fleet tracking system have great benefits on driver safety and fleet management business:

  • Protect drivers from collision

A front-facing channel of the dash camera offers collision warnings and signs of objects in front of the trucks and cars. The high-quality HD dashboard camera provides complete front coverage and alerts both driver and fleet managers about the danger.

The rear dashboard cameras can capture the side lane vehicles and give lane departure warnings of tailgating from other vehicles. Warnings are flagged even when the vehicles drift out of the lane when the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or fatigued due to health issues.

The AI safety program integrated with a map full of road markings can determine if the truck and cars are drifting from the respective lane.

The 360° view of the cameras including front-facing, side-facing views and interior camera monitors complete information and happenings of both inside and outside the vehicles.

  • Prevent driver distractions

Drivers get tired and sleepy because of long hours driving and multiple deliveries day and night, making it difficult for them to diligently watch the road.

With interior cameras, fleet managers can identify drivers’ behavior and prevent any distracted driving. This fleet management software can detect careless behaviors of drivers such as

  • hard-driving – spending, harsh turning, and sudden break
  • Eating and drinking while driving can distract their attention from the road
  • Using mobile phones (texting or calling)

and send notifications to the fleet managers.

Why is it important to invest in AI dashcam technology?

AI dash cams can record adverse accidents and road events before and after an accident. This feature helps the fleet operator to review the exact part of the accident without wasting time watching long hours of recordings.

The fleet management software helps fleet owners to provide valid evidence and submit to the investigation to claim insurance amounts. Solid telematics plays a piece of key evidence to exonerate drivers who aren’t at fault for accidents and prevent false claims.

AI-powered dashcam technology helps fleet drivers improve their good habits, driving behavior, reduce accidents, follow proper road rules and exonerate them in a crucial time.

Investing in AI dashcam technology having high-quality cameras associated with other technologies like Fuel Monitoring System, Vehicle tracking system and Driver monitoring system offers powerful platforms for enhancing safer driving.

The AI dashcam technology helps fleet managers and owners to uplift their business to the next level and guarantee the safety of the human lives and assets in the vehicle.


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