April 3, 2022

A box blade is a three-sided rectangular metal device that attaches to your tractor and is used to shape dirt. It has front and back scraping blades on the bottom of the rear panel and scarifiers that break up and shape the dirt. These versatile attachments may be used for various tasks, such as levelling ground for farming, gardening, or even mowing your lawn.

Using Box Blades:


If you want to utilise a box blade, it will make your job much easier. However, like with any new tool, you’ll need first to learn how to utilise it correctly. Although a box blade is simple to operate, improper use is inefficient, and because it is coupled to a tractor, the unsafe operation may result in bodily damage.


Tractors with a Box Blade:


Tractor box blades are used for levelling, grading, backfilling, and spreading materials such as gravel and soil. They usually attach to the back of tractors and give operators a multipurpose tool that may be utilised for various tasks.


A tractor box blade resembles a three-sided metal box with front and rear scraping blades positioned on the bottom of the rear panel. Scarifiers (angled metal teeth) are used in box blades for tractors to dig into the ground for breaking up the dirt or soil so it can be shaped to the operator’s choice.

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Let’s look at how a box blade is used now that we have a better idea of it is (Remember, working with a box blade takes practise, and it may take a few uses before you get comfortable with it).


  • Before using a box blade, educate yourself
  • Make changes to the top link
  • Set up the scarifiers
  • Make sure your Tractor’s Box Blade is level
  • Drive the Tractor Over the Freshly-Filled Holes


1. Before using a box blade, educate yourself


Read the Operator’s Manual carefully before starting working with a box blade. You’ll have a more excellent grasp of the equipment and, more crucially, how to operate it safely as a result of doing so.


2. Make changes to the top link


Start by setting the top link such that the cutting blades (front and back) are touching the ground when scraping. This will result in a simple smoothing effect. Reduce the top link so the blade is oriented forward when you buy a box blade for a tractor to scrape more aggressively.


3. Set up the scarifiers


Keep the scarifiers in the locked position and slant the box blade forward slightly if you want to flatten bumps on your surface. After the scarifiers have broken up the ground, they should be brought back up to prepare for smoothing out the surface.

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4. Make sure your Tractor’s Box Blade is level


Level both sides of box blades and lengthen the top link for making the blades oriented slightly higher after the scarifiers have worked the ground. Start pulling the object along the ground with the 3-point in the “float” position. As you walk along, the rear blade will softly level the terrain.


5. Drive the Tractor Over the Freshly-Filled Holes


If low spots have been filled with loose material, it’s good to drive over the area with the tractor’s tyres a few times to make sure everything is packed down. If depression remains after you have ridden over it, fill it in and continue until the surface is level.


These are some tips to use the Box blades for tractors.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            



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