October 15, 2021

Locksmiths provide essential services to people when they are locked out of their cars and homes. The person you call is a locksmith. However, the rapidly advancing world of cars requires a locksmith to be updated with all kinds of locks used in automobiles. Automotive locksmith is a thing now; they are specifically trained to work with automotive locks such as cars, trucks, buses. Becoming an automotive locksmith requires you to be a locksmith in the first place.

Many places then offer courses and training programs where you specialize as an automotive locksmith. Though it is a short career path, it leaves people with a sense of accomplishment as they can provide service to people and earn well out of it. Apart from giving services, when you become an automotive locksmith, you also gain the opportunity to keep learning the most advanced technology used in automotive locks. In this article, we will mention the criteria required to become an automotive locksmith.

Eligibility for becoming an automotive locksmith

The educational requirements for starting a course and training in automotive locksmith vary from state to state. While some states have kept a basic educational qualification such as a diploma for enrolling in the training program, others do not have any such requirement. Check with your local automotive training school about the state laws and regulations regarding automotive locksmiths.

Formal Automotive Locksmith Training

Formal training is a mandate for specializing as an automotive locksmith. You will have to learn the basics of locksmithing, including unlocking different types of locks for cars, houses, and workplaces. After a certain period, you shall be enrolled in a specific course for automotive training. The training will include:

– Information about different locks

– Repairing automotive locks

– Make duplicate keys

– Testing locks post-installation and repair.

You can find locksmith training schools near you and pick the one providing courses at the most affordable prices.


Apprenticeship helps in gaining experience. Some states have it as a law to undertake locksmith apprenticeship. However, most of them do not. If your state does not have that rule, you should check with the requirements from the local employers. Some employers only accept locksmiths with apprenticeship certificates. Apprenticeship is not mostly paid, but they provide valuable experience and help become a practiced automotive locksmith.


License is a legal document that ensures that the locksmith is a professional and stands up with all the state’s legal requirements, including the safety of customers. The state requirements may vary in states; however, few basic steps are similar everywhere that is:

  • You apply for a license
  • The authorities run a criminal background check on you
  • You have to submit your data such as fingerprint, or other biometrics for a proper background check
  • It is mandatory for you to pass the criminal check
  • In case you fail the background check, you will not be able to get a license.
  • Certain authorities also ask for prior work experience as eligibility for getting a license. Check with your local administration for the requirements and accordingly gain work experience before going for a license. The work experience requirements could be between 6 months to 2 years.

Become a Member of the Local Locksmith Associations

Every state and country has a professional association that represents the community for wages, insurance, welfare, legislation, and other benefits. It would be best if you considered becoming a part of one such Organisation to be aware of the latest development in your field. These associations also help their members with fundings and mentorship for starting their business.


Professional Certifications

Professional certifications are a big addition to your resume. Many clients look for a certified automotive locksmith to help them in need. You can get certifications like registered locksmith, Personal Certified locksmith, Master Locksmith, etc. The certifications can only be gained if you pass the examination set by the authorized Organisation of your field.

The points mentioned above are required to become an automotive locksmith; however, after gaining certifications and licenses, you should keep learning about new advancements. The automotive world is rapidly advancing; hence it is a great opportunity to stay ahead by learning and upgrading yourself with the latest information in your field.

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