February 23, 2022

Most of the personal injury cases end in out-of-court settlements after both parties agree on the terms of negotiations. If you are somebody who is involved in a personal injury lawsuit, hiring a top rated car accident lawyer in Miami, will mean great chances of getting a settlement that you deserve as they have many tricks up their sleeves. We connected with some of the experts in this area and they have a few tips that can help you in getting the best settlement.

Decide on a minimum settlement

Every expert suggests that after you calculate an amount that you wish to claim, before giving the demand letter to the defendant or speaking with an insurance adjuster regarding your demand, you must have a minimum settlement amount that you are willing to accept in your mind. This helps you in having a clear mind when the negotiation starts. However, they also suggest that you should not cling to this figure stubbornly and should be willing to tweak it if the adjuster has some valid points that might not have been considered earlier.

Don’t take the first offer

If you talk to somebody who has experience in dealing with negotiations, they will tell you that it is never a good idea to accept the first offer from the other party because when they offer for the first time, they have it in their mind that you will negotiate and keep some room there. So you must remember one thing, the first offer definitely has a stretch room and you can increase the figure of the claim.

Ask the adjusted to justify the amount

If you feel that the adjuster is making an offer that is extremely low, you must ask them to justify the low value of the offer and listen to the points carefully and then refute them with logic.

Bring out the emotional side

During any negotiation, if there is an emotional point that is valid and supports your claim, you must make sure to emphasize it as it will help the case in your favor. For example, if the injury has interfered with your capability of caring for an elderly father, bring it up during the discussion.


Everybody who is in the middle of a lawsuit wishes that they could get a good settlement, these tips can help you make that wish a reality.

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