July 6, 2021

The American Lifeguard Association offers lifeguard classes to teach people about the premier water safety tips. Same as it teaches the proper way to handle the water and people in times of crisis.

Further, the American Lifeguard Association teaches traditional ways concerning specific hands-on training. By joining it, you will effectively learn how to learn any emergency around the water.

No doubt, you will also learn about safe responses by joining the lifeguard class with American Lifeguard Association. So if you genuinely want to learn these things, then you can begin with us.

 With an online e-learning program, activities, hands-on practice, and group discussion, you will learn more than the rest of the associations and classrooms. Practice with American Lifeguard Association will develop your skills more perfect.

The American Lifeguard Association’s Lifeguard Class teaches you about basic lifeguard techniques and how to avoid accidents during swimming?

Training also includes using a first aid kit and the rest of the things related to this. Along with these skills, you can also join child care, healthcare, nursing, water safety, and swimming, and instructor courses with the American Lifeguard Association.

Categories In Lifeguard Class

We divided the lifeguard class into two categories.

Junior Lifeguard Class

To register in junior lifeguard class, your age should be eleven or more than eleven years and a maximum of fourteen years. In other words, you should be able to swim.

The criteria to check your swimming is a minimum of 100 yards. Further, it would be best if you took a dive of depth 10 feet. Meanwhile, you should tread the water for at least 60 seconds.

Don’t get worried about our recommendations, and you will learn amazing things from our association. Plus, with fantastic swim skills for youth, it’s an enticing program that gives you ideal transitions between lifeguard class training and swimming lessons.

In the class, you will both pool and classroom sessions. Because in the classroom you will learn, while at the pool you do the practice. In such a way, your course will be more helpful.

Lifeguard Class Prep Source

No doubt, the prep course is like the junior lifeguard course. Only a few upgrades are in it. So to join it your age should be fourteen or more than it, as like junior course you should be able to swim.

But your swimming criteria for this course should have a minimum of 200 yards. Further, you should dive at least ten feet and tread water for a minimum of one minute.

With this lifeguard training, you will qualify for the pre-test for any lifeguard source all over America. Our course will develop your stamina and improve your development.

General Lifeguard Class

In general lifeguard call, you can join a traditional in-person class or blend learning class. The traditional learning class comprises almost all the points of lifeguard but in a physical way.

Further, in the blend learning class, you will join the class online for roundabout seven hours.

Aquatic Lifeguard Class

Some people love to learn to lifeguard for pools and waterparks with attractions. So we designed this course with three feet of maximum water depth.

Further, this course will include an actual water skills module. The fantastic thing is that you will do practice more than that of your learning. That’s why people love this course.


Shallow Water Lifeguard Class

We design shallow water lifeguard courses for people like the aquatic lifeguard facilities with a maximum depth of five feet. In the traditional in-person class, the course length will be about 24 hours, while the blended class comprises 7 hours by lessening the traditional hours.

American Lifeguard Association Certification

As you know, our certification is quite nominating among other associations. That’s why our requirements, as well as skills, are pretty unique and friendly.

Mostly, associations require 12 laps, which means 300 yards of swimming. But we ask for eight laps (200 yards) for a prep course. People join us because of our cooperative environment.

So at the end of the course, you will receive first aid and AED certification. CPR and basic lifeguard techniques also include in the course. We do our best to complete the course of every participant successfully.

What Should You Expect For Lifeguard Certification Requirements?

First, you should develop your mind and be fully dedicated to it. Because without dedication, it becomes hard for you to keep yourself interested in the course.

Further, be motivated all the time. We also fully cooperate with you. With a blended class, you can use your time more flexibly. In short, it is a better learning opportunity.

Benefits Of Learning With Us?

No doubt, we have a wast experience of repairing the people’s skills. Because everybody has skills and knowledge about them, we only polish these skills.

And in case of any emergency, people use them and saves their lives. Further, our training methods are fully effective using the latest techniques. At the end of the lifeguard class, your skills will be pretty shining and make you proud among your friends.

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