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December 12, 2019

No matter at what place you are present, at what time it is, one thing you would love to carry with you all the time and that is your android cell phone gadget. The present world has become the planet of smartphones. Everyone has their individual android cell phone devices and they use it all the time whenever needed for text messages, for calls, shared media files such as photos and videos.

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On the other hand, there are people that want to get private information from someone. So, it can only possible if you are able to track the personal android gadget of your target or you remotely hack the microphone of the target android phone listen to the surrounding sounds and conversations happen on the android cell phone.

But the fact of the matter is how it would be possible to listen to the surrounds?  It would be possible only with TheOneSpy cell phone spy.

Who actually want to use Android Spy for surround listening?

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It may be very difficult to categorize people that want to use the Android spy app for surround listening. But you can choose the people and the fundamental responsibilities of some that force them to do those kinds of activity. There are following people who want to use the Android monitoring software for surround listening.

Parents use it for parenting                                                                         

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Young kids and teens usually get involved in such activities that can ruin their life. They start using the drugs such as alcohol and others. They use these kind of drugs in the whereabouts with their friends and also get involve premature sexual activities and put them plenty of other dangers.

So, all the hidden activities that kids and teens do with their friends in hidden whereabouts, it can only be traced or the conversations and surround sounds can be recorded with the help of android spying software.

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Employers want to use it against Employees


Obviously, heavy investment in an organization in the shape of the company’s owned android gadgets force employers to make a check balance on the employees. So, bosses tend towards such tools that allow them to spy on androids cell phone assigned to the customer care representatives that usually deals with the clients on phone calls.

So, employers can use the android spy to listen to the surround sounds and conversations they made on the phones. Therefore, TOS cell phone spy would be the best tools for the business world to keep bosses ears open and to get to know what the employees are really doing within the working hours to make a strong check and balance.

Spouses want to use it against the partners

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The use of Android phones, when connected to the internet, provides users to interact with the unknown people with the help of social media apps. People use these apps and start dating with the opposite genders. On the other hand, the cases of cyber infidelity are on the rise.

Even the people that are in a relationship often get involved in extramarital affairs and cheat their spouses and at the end of the day relationship suffers a lot and ends in a bad way. So, spouses that have some reservations about the loyalty of their partners, they want to monitor their partner’s activities.

So, they can use Android live surround listening by using the TOS cell phone monitoring app. The spouse can remotely track the hidden surround conversations and sounds to the fullest and get to know what really the partners are doing in the absence of their spouses.

Use MIC bug of TOS cell phone spyware

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A user just needs to install the cell phone spying software on the target Android smartphone. Once a user has subscribed to the software and given credentials received through email. A user can install the cell phone surveillance app for androids.  

Once the installation process is ended, activate TOS android spy app on the target phone and visit the features and choose the MIC bug. Now send the command to the target android phone and once it is been received on the phone it will start recording the surround sounds and conversations. Now user can listen remotely surroundings with the help android spy.


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TOS android spy is the best tool for surround listening by hacking the MIC of the target Android phone. It is helpful for parenting, employees tracking and last but not the least for spouse monitoring.

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