July 6, 2022

Studies have demonstrated that massage is an effective method for healing injured muscles, relieving stress, reducing inflammation and pain from injuries, improving circulation, and enhancing sleep quality. For these reasons, you must take advantage of your health insurance to have a massage often. Various massage devices are designed to improve your fitness experience, such as body rolling massagers or even foot massager machines that vibrate at variable levels. Here are the major types of fitness massage devices and their benefits:

Vibrating Power Plate

This type of fitness massage machine stimulates bone marrow which helps the blood to flow more freely. The vibration causes your body to stimulate the muscles in tense areas, including your shoulders, back, legs, arms, and even face, while reducing pain in those areas. The vibration also increases circulation by increasing blood flow which relaxes the muscles. Using it for about 20 minutes daily can help reduce back pain, ease tension headaches and even improve your sleep.

Foot Massager

This type of fitness massage device is designed to deliver a soothing vibration to the soles of your feet, relieving tired feet and feeling refreshed after using it. It improves circulation in the body by increasing blood flow by relaxing the muscles and is intriguing for people who work on their feet all day or are pregnant. It also increases flexibility by increasing the range of motion, which allows you to move freely without experiencing stiffness or soreness in muscles, joints, or tendons.

Total Body Rollers

This fitness massage device is designed to roll your body, massage your muscles, stretch and invigorate them, and reduce stress by increasing blood flow. This type of massage machine, in particular, is suitable for use after a workout to increase muscle strength and density which has been proven effective in improving overall health. It also stimulates the nervous system, which aids in the recovery of injured muscles.

Slimming Ball Massagers

These fitness massage devices are designed with a medicine ball that rests on a platform and is rolled around through sharp turns. That helps you release muscle tension, boost metabolism, increase circulation and improve inner leg muscle tone and balance by increasing muscle circulation.

Massage Rollers

These fitness massage devices are designed with rollers and a handle to roll your back, legs, and many other parts of the body to help aid in muscle recovery. It enables the muscles to relax and release tension, increasing blood flow. That increases flexibility, a key component for keeping your muscles and joints healthy.

Shiatsu Massage Device

Practitioners of traditional eastern medicine design this type of fitness massage device to use pressure points to help increase circulation, relax muscles and improve blood flow in the body. You can use your body weight to roll over a stationary ball to roll different body parts and tighten or loosen muscles through the various pressure points. It can help reduce pain caused by injuries, restore healthy muscle tone in the limbs, and improve sleep quality.

No doubt, there are many fitness devices from which to choose. The key is to determine your needs and then match that up with the type of device that will provide you with the desired results. Remember, some types or brands may work better than others based on your preferences so make sure you try out a few different types before making a final decision.

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