January 2, 2022

MOLLE  (Modular of Lightweight of Load-Carrying Equipment) – officially approved in the US set of equipment, equipped with PALS. Hence, generations 1 and 2, used in the description on Western sites. This publication does not cover the components of the MOLLE system, the history of its creation and use. 

PALS (P ouch A Attachment L Adder S system) is a modular system for attaching equipment.

From personal experience PALS is the best in its class and ingenious in its simplicity modular system.

Classic PALS.

You may be aware that in the United States the English system of measures and weights is adopted. It is on it that the dimensions used in PALS are built. According to the accepted specification, the width of the carrying sling is 1 “, the width between the transverse seams is 1.5”. However, designing in inches for people who have always used the metric system is an inconvenient task, and given that the difference turns out to be at the level of technological tolerances, it is easier to consider an inch equal to 25 mm, and not 25.4 mm, from which we will proceed. Separately, it should be noted the step width. It may differ significantly on products from different manufacturers. So, on most of the products of Russian manufacturers known to me, this step is ≈35 mm. Moreover, these figures “walk” from foreign manufacturers, and on Cry Percussion products the step is ≈37 mm. What does this indicate? Oddly enough – about the significant potential of resilience, embedded in the PALS system. Even changing the original standards does not affect its effectiveness


The  Velcro molle panel is ZentauroN’s first plate holder. It can be fitted with two M-size SAPI ceramic plates, side plates and soft inserts in the Vulcan Ballistic Cummerbund.
There are large Velcro flaps on the front and back with which the seat belt can be adjusted and closed. In the front flap there is a closed compartment with Velcro, in which, for example, Velcro or similar magazine pockets can be stowed. On the outside, three rows of six channels, for example, three standard double pouches or double G36 quick draw pouches, can be looped. Above there is another modular surface with six rows by seven channels, two of which are covered with Velcro.

The back of the plate holder is also covered with modular loops, in addition there is a Velcro loop that can be attached.
Inside there is the opening for the recording pocket, as well as two ergonomically shaped cushions, which significantly increase comfort and ventilation. Bags can also be attached to seat belts or ballistic wraps and plaques can be accommodated.

The Vulcan is the optimal solution for vehicle crews, as the highest possible mobility is achieved. In conjunction with an SK I protective vest, a high degree of protection and modularity is offered.

Lightweight, tactical deployment backpack for modular use. The materials used for this deployment backpack are very light, which makes it very easy to handle. It has a flat main compartment compatible with the hydration system and the rear panel is fitted with a MOLLE hook and loop for customizable loading of your gear. The upper front pocket of the backpack is a flip-top behind which you can attach a magazine pouch (three M4 magazines or 4 pistol / MP7 magazines, included with purchase). The two middle front pockets are removable and behind each is a MOLLE hook-and-loop surface. The TT Tac Pouch 12 (item 7862) or the TT 2 SGL Backup Mag Pouch M4 (item 7811) can be attached to the lower front pocket. The backpack has a reverse MOLLE system on the back so you can fit it into a plate rack. You can also use an adapter to attach it to the plate holders.

Compatible with the hydration system

Main compartment opens completely

One narrow main compartment

Hook and loop strips for name tag

Capacity: main compartment 9 l, upper front pocket 2 l, middle front pockets 1 l, lower front pocket 1 l

Removable elastic cord compression

Strapless backpack weight: 735 g

Interchangeable magazine inserts for 3 M4 magazines (PMAG) (50 g), 4 pistol / MP7 magazines (40 g)

MOLLE inverted system

Laser cut MOLLE system

Self-gripping MOLLE inside for unlimited modularity

MOLLE system on the upper front pocket

Removable central pockets, under the hook and loop MOLLE

Can be combined with TT QR LC license plate holder as rear part


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