September 10, 2022


The Microsoft AZ-104 Dump is a specialty exam that equips candidates with Microsoft Azure administration expertise to manage the Azure Virtual Desktop. With the world shifting towards remote work and administration, the need to manage and monitor work environments and infrastructure remotely has been in demand. The Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop is the organization’s offering to remotely administer support to enterprise applications and solutions. Read on to understand what professionals in this field require and how to pass the exam.


Who is an Azure Virtual Desktop Specialist?

Azure Virtual Desktop Specialists are responsible for deploying virtual desktop solutions on the Azure infrastructure. At the core, specialists work with administrators, architects, and Microsoft AZ-305 Dumps administrators to design, develop and implement end-user solutions. They are also responsible for managing all enterprise apps built on Azure.


In addition, Azure Virtual Desktop Specialists work with the virtual desktop via a browser and are able to manage solutions regardless of their operating systems. Turning to the virtual desktop, it enables secure remote working, a simplified management system, and enterprise support for Remote Desktop Services (RDS) that specialists can leverage to optimize remote working processing and develop practical solutions. Specialists deploy and monitor applications, databases, virtual machines, storage, and networks through the Azure Virtual Desktop.


Are Azure Virtual Desktop Specialists in Demand?

With more working environments turning hybrid or remote, the need to securely manage remote work and resources and deliver an optimized working environment has become crucial to many organizations. Passing the Microsoft AZ-500 Dumps puts you in a position and equips you with the necessary skills to manage enterprise remote systems and solutions on Azure. And while everyone can take the exam, specialists with experience in Azure technologies would benefit more from the career path.


How to Pass the Microsoft AZ-140 Exam?

Any preparation for the Exam-Labs starts from the information about the topics it covers. The Microsoft AZ-140 exam focuses on five domains each of which checks special skills. This info can be found in the exam skill outline from Microsoft. Using it, you can make a practical and concise plan to ensure you cover all the nitty-gritty.

Checking the exam details is your second step on this way. Exam AZ-140 will include 40-60 questions of various types that have to be completed within 100 minutes with a score of 700 points. The test will cost you $165.

After that, check the prep options available for this test. Start from the free and paid training courses, find optional books, and practice tests.

Though the Microsoft SC-300 Dumps requires no other prerequisites, the vendor, however, recommends that candidates have experience not limited to virtualization, networking, identity, disaster recovery, and an understanding of Azure infrastructure and technologies before taking the exam. Using the options mentioned above, exam-takers will strengthen their understanding of the required concepts.



The Microsoft AZ-700 Dumps became official in June 2021. The career path is still new, so few people have the requisite skills to manage the Azure Virtual Desktop environment. Passing this test earns you the Microsoft Certified: Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty certification, giving you an upper hand in managing, planning, and delivering virtual desktop solutions to remote users and applications on Azure. Being a certified Azure Virtual Desktop specialist, you increase your chances to find a better job position.



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