October 20, 2021

One of the most common questions vehicle owners have when they buy a comprehensive car insurance policy is, what if others, like my family and friends, use my car and meet with a car collision? Will I be eligible to claim? Well, it depends on the insurance provider. Some insurers provide you with coverage even if additional drivers aren’t nominated on your policy. However, others may charge an unlisted driver excess along with one or more other excesses. This is why it is so important to shop for cheap car insurance from Freeway Insurance.

For example, if the unlisted driver is inexperienced or young, you may have to shell out more. The best car insurance providers demand you list on your policy all the drivers who use your vehicle. You need to comply with the policy rules if you don’t wish to risk a reduced claim or outright claim denial. It would be best to read the policy disclosure statements to know how your insurance company handles unlisted driver issues.

What is the procedure to add drivers to your car insurance?

Many families in Australia own over one car. They share their vehicles with other family members and friends, just like families who own a single vehicle. This is essentially why vehicle owners need to include all users of their car in their vehicle insurance policy.

It does usually come at an extra cost. So, vehicle owners must be prepared to pay higher premiums and potentially additional excesses at the claim time. However, adding drivers is a pretty straightforward process. Contact your insurer through phone or email to get you sorted.

Unlisted driver exclusions can include not covering at all the losses, damages, and liabilities arising from your vehicle usage by any unregistered household member, or not doing so if your vehicle has an age restriction (to lower premiums) or if a person has been driving without your consent. Talk to your insurer to know the limits imposed on adding additional drivers.

How will adding a young driver affect my policy?

If you choose to add young or inexperienced drivers, you may have to pay higher premiums and/or pay an additional excess while claiming.

The level of premium may also depend on the gender of the driver. Typically, male drivers are perceived as riskier so you will likely have to pay a higher premium.

Hence, an unlisted, experienced driver may not tax you as much as unlisted inexperienced drivers do – if your insurance provider will allow you to claim for an accident involving an unlisted driver.

Will I be able to add a driver temporarily to my policy?

First things first, lend your vehicle only if the person borrowing it seems to be responsible enough to care for your ride and is unlikely to meet with an accident. Secondly, before adding them to the policy ask your insurance provider if they need you to list someone who only drives your car rarely.

What information should I provide about the additional driver?

You may have to produce the additional driver’s license details and driving history. It will probably be easy for an insurer to pull out the driver’s biodata, accident history, and previous insurance claims with this information.

At the end of the day, either add drivers to your comprehensive car insurance policy who use your vehicle or ask your insurer if you need to. If you want to use your best car insurance correctly, then make sure you always tick every box required by your insurance provider. That way you are much more likely to have your claims resolved successfully.

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