August 23, 2022



Are you a female that is ready to get on the road with her bike? This can be a great way to help the environment, as well as help your purse at the same time. You can cut down on using the car and enjoy being outdoors and getting fit. But, if you are new to cycling, you might be apprehensive. Here are some tips to help you get started.


Try a Women’s Electric Bike


First of all, let’s start by pointing out that there are women’s electric bikes available. This is probably the best place to begin if you are new to cycling. A lot of people wonder whether there is really a difference between men’s and women’s bikes. The answer is yes and it is more than just the colour.


With women’s bikes, they are designed with average female characteristics in mind. For example, the frame size can be different, accounting for women typically being shorter than men. Even some saddles can be designed differently. Of course, it is going to depend on the brand and it is worth shopping around. Check out Eco Bike Co when it comes to electric bikes for ladies. They have a fantastic selection and different brands on offer, as well as plenty of colours and styles you can choose from.


Consider a Low-Step or Step-Through Frame


You will soon realise that there are a lot of different styles of bikes available. You are choosing more than just its colour and how it looks. In particular, there are going to be different frames you can select and there are two that might suit women that are new to cycling. We are talking about low-step and step-through frames.


First, you have the low-step frame. Just as it sounds, it is a lot lower than a traditional frame and it means that there are no huge leg lifts and movements to mount and dismount the bike. Then, there is the step-through frame. This is a little higher, but the idea is, you step through the frame to get onto the bike.


Both of these frames are going to make your life simpler when you are new to cycling. You do not have to worry about throwing your leg over the bike when you want to get going, nor have an awkward stance at traffic lights.


Upgrade the Saddle


Let’s be honest; there are some bikes that just do not have a comfortable saddle. If you plan on cycling a lot and you are new to this form of exercise, this is not something you are going to be used to. So, you might end up getting sore and this can put you off cycling. So, the best way to get around this is to upgrade the saddle of your bike.


There are different saddles you can buy for your bikes or you can choose to purchase cushions or covers. Either way, look for one that is comfortable and offers support. This is going to help you enjoy your cycling trip and make sure that you are not sore the next morning.


Wear Comfortable Shoes


There are some types of electric bike that mean you can wear almost anything you want. In particular, we have pointed out the low-step and step-through electric bikes. But, one thing you do have to be careful of is what you are wearing on your feet. Yes, you can wear jeans and stay away from workout clothing. However, you still need comfortable shoes and something that you are able to peddle in. After all, you may decide you want to peddle during your ride and you need to do so safely.


Therefore, pick out comfortable shoes for cycling. This should be able to grip the peddles and allow you to feel like your feet are securely in place. The last thing you want is your feet slipping all over the place. What’s more, if you are going on the road, a flat shoe is better when you have to dismount at traffic lights.


Start with Trails


If you feel like you have to build up your confidence first, start with bike trails. This is going to allow you to get used to cycling without any vehicles around to distract you. Yes, there will be other bikes, but they are not going to be traveling as fast as cars on the road are.


Trails allow you to pick up some speed and get used to using a bike. Then, when you are ready, you can dip onto parts of the road. This only has to be when you are comfortable and know what you are doing.


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