June 19, 2021

Hello friend, how are you are all fine and now the topic that we’re going to discuss is the 5 best application to watch IPL free of cost and since you know that IPL is an Indian Premium League. It is a cricket league held every year in India, and the League is very famous.

I can assure you that no other Cricket League is near to IPL, and the reason is that it was the first League where many international players participated, so that’s why it becomes a brand now. The last season of the League was played in 2021, but it was postponed due to a recent pandemic; but there are some rumors that the IPL will resume in Oct or Sep 2021, but we are waiting for the official words.

Some apps are offering the streaming of IPL, but those apps are premium and need a premium subscription for that, and that’s why we are going to provide free apps where you can watch all matches of IPL.

If you can afford the premium subscription, then go for it, and I will try to provide one premium platform where you can watch the live streaming of Indian Premier Language in HD. The rest of the apps are free and don’t need any subscription to watch IPL so, let’s figure out those amazing apps right now.

HotStar (Premium)

Hotstar is a premium brand and owned by an Indian company, and it provides IPL streaming in very high quality. It’s the most suggested brand, but this brand does not offer free streaming but charges a reasonable price for entertaining you by unlimited IPL streaming.

Different packages are available to subscribers. You can subscribe to their monthly package, but it also offers you a yearly package. The most amazing thing is that they offer some additional discount on the yearly package, so you don’t need to renew it every month since they offered you a yearly package.

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There is one limitation of the yearly package. IPL is an event of 1-2 months and disappears and then comes again next year. In the meantime, you can’t enjoy the IPL matches, but don’t worry because the platform does not only offer IPL streaming but useful if you want to watch movies, TV shows, and different TV seasons.

The app also offers you to enjoy the live streaming of many other local & international channels of different categories like News, Sports, and movies. Some of the famous international channels are also available here, like BBC. BBC is a very famous news TV channel, and it belongs to a British country. Enjoy BBC on your Hotstar App.

Top TV App (Free)

The top TV app also offers IPL streaming in HD, and I like it too much since a dozen channels are available to watch IPL. The app provides the same channel streaming on multiple servers. If one server is not doing well and does not meet the requirements, ignore it and move forward to the next server. Perform this process until you get the best streaming channel that is supportable on your device & internet provider.

We’ve also seen that some good apps don’t work properly in a specific area. Still, an overrated app works perfectly in that area so, that’s why I admire Top TV since it provides multiple channels streaming with multiple servers.

The app is not limited to IPL watching only but also offers to watch different International Cricket games. Different sports games are supportable and broadcast almost each of the sports. The reason for streaming all sports games is that Top TV offers different Sports TV channels, so different channels broadcast different sports.

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HDTV Live App

HDTV live a Malayalam app initially, but the app earned awesome responses in no time, and the developer started to provide a different kind of content on the app. Now it’s currently ruled app all over the world. The app is very famous for streaming IPL streaming. HDTV live a website that provides live Channels & Live events streaming.

HDTV live app also offers multiple channels streaming to watch IPL and offers event streaming of IPL. They will provide you a Random channel to watch it, but they don’t compromise the quality of the content so, click here to get MHDTVLIVE app with direct link.

JioTV (Premium)

JioTV is a premium app, and you need to buy the subscription again; I want to confess that the subscription pricing is not high but very affordable for a normal person, but they provide some extra discounts to Jio users. I want to clarify that Jio is a Sim network in India, and you can make calls & messages to local numbers on your phone. The Jio Company also offers mobile data so, and you need to buy Jio mobile data to enjoy IPL on this app.

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Dogear App (Free)

I’ve maintained the balance by providing both free & premium apps to watch out for the IPL streaming, and if you think that I’ve missed any important app, let us know, so we keep our user update with the new app.

Now let’s discuss the DoDear app; if you want to watch HD IPL streaming, but your internet connection does not allow you to watch HD streaming, then we’ve one suggestion for you to install Dodear since it works perfectly fine even on low-quality internet provider so, that’s why I’ve mentioned in top 5 lists since it provides HD video streaming on low standard internet service.

Dodear offers the streaming of some Indian channels but does not support any Indian Sports channel. The user can enjoy IPL streaming on “Sky Sports Cricket HD,” so enjoy the valuable event with less mobile data usage.

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