June 28, 2021

During this digital age, there are a lot of technological innovations designed to make life easier to live. With their presence, the world seems smaller because you can instantly connect with your family and friends no matter where they are. Besides that, they also made working-from-home possible amidst the pandemic. There are now social media platforms, such as Gmail and Facebook that allow business communication and collaboration to happen even without the presence of face-to-face interaction.


However, sending files online can be stressful if there is a maximum attachment capacity. It will prevent you from sending very large files containing vital information. As a result, you might lose potential clients consequently leading to a decrease in sales. To prevent this from happening, you have to use the file-sharing tool of GogoPDF. It will let you send and receive files in just a few seconds without any issues or complications.

What is the purpose of GogoPDF?

Electronic files are difficult to manage especially if you refuse to access online tools. You might lose your passion and dedication to accomplish your work whenever you have to manipulate documents. To help you in handling files in portable document format, web developers launched GogoPDF. It is an online-based platform that can perform over 20 functions ranging from file sharing to converting, splitting, and merging documents. It aims to make every student, professional and average person experience a work-from-home setup that is less emotionally and physically draining. With this tool, you will never have to cry again if you encounter platforms prohibiting you to send a report with more than a hundred pages. Using it will keep you from breaking down when handling electronic documents.

How to share files using GogoPDF?

One of the things that make this website reliable and one-of-a-kind is its file-sharing tool. If you want to experience a quick, easy, and secure process of sending large files, then use GogoPDF. Get your phone or laptop and connect it to a stable internet. Click one of its browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox and search for GogoPDF. Check out the steps below to know how to send extremely large files using the website.

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Step 1. Know the file name and its location

Once you reach the file sharing tool, you have to upload the document you wish to share. You can do this by getting the file in your local storage, google drive, or dropbox. To prevent wasting time scrolling through your local storage, you must know its file name and location. In this way, you are also sure that you are about to upload the right document. Another way of transferring files from your device is by using the drag and drop option.

Step 2. Click on the share file button

The process of uploading the file can last only in a few seconds if you have a strong internet connection and the file size is relatively smaller. However, it might take you a few minutes if the wifi is unstable and its size is too large. Nevertheless, it is still faster compared to other tools online. After successfully transferring the document from your storage to the server, the tool will immediately provide you with the shareable link. You must click the share file button to start sharing the file with your colleagues. The website will request you to input your email as well as the email address of the receiver. You can also type a personalized message along with the link to the file before clicking the send link button.

Step 3. Save the document on your computer

If you wish to have a copy of the file on your computer or online storage, you can do so by clicking the download button. You may also share the document using your social media accounts. If you think that your friends, colleagues, or family members need the same services, don’t hesitate to send them the link to the website.

What are the advantages of using GogoPDF?

There is a wide range of online tools to choose from so you might be wondering what are the advantages of GogoPDF that other websites can’t offer. The first is that it commits itself to keep your files away from viruses, malware, and hackers. With its 256-bit encryption technology and 60-minute privacy policy, you can prevent unauthorized access and leakage of information contained in your document. Besides that, it does not require any application or software installation because it utilizes the cloud system. It means that it will not eat up any of your storage space which is helpful for users with only 16 GB of memory. Lastly, it can share files with the same resolution, layout, and readability using any kind of browser, operating system, and device.

In Conclusion

GogoPDF is undeniably one of the best websites to access when sharing digital files. It is the key to have a less stressful work from home experience. Access GogoPDF.com now to enjoy all of its perks!

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