September 5, 2022

We couldn’t find any untouchable testing information on the Waterdrop water channel pitcher available on Amazon. As shown by their Amazon posting, each channel works for 200 gallons yet again, we couldn’t see any testing that exhibits this as clear. Moreover, on their Amazon posting, they say the pitch (channel material) that they use in their channel is NSF 61 attested.


NSF 61 has nothing to do with drinking water standards yet it sounds perfect on an Amazon posting. NSF 61 truly has to do with present-day water filtration practices which is a much settle for the norm put someplace close to NSF/ANSI, like NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 401, P231, and P473.


NSF 61 covers:


This particular standard spreads out least prosperity influences essentials for the substance poisons and pollutions that are indirectly given to drinking water from things, parts, and materials used for drinking water systems. This consolidates:


Cautious limit materials (cement, paints, coatings)

Joining and fixing materials (gaskets, concretes, oils)

Mechanical contraptions (water meters, valves, channels)

Pipes and related things (pipe, hose, fittings)

Plumbing contraptions (nozzles, drinking fountains)

Process media (channel media, molecule exchange gums)

Non-metallic consumable water materials


Moreover, since Waterdrop pitcher has no site so it is essentially difficult to ask client support requests or contact someone in case you have an issue.

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This appears to be an Amazon just merchant so not surprisingly, buyer watch out. We expect the Waterdrop pitcher to give untouchable testing from an affirmed USA lab out to the 200 gallons as they ensure their channel perseveres.

The best appeal is don’t stop your breathing keeping it together for this testing.

Brand Name: Waterdrop pitcher

Maker: EcoLife Technologies LLC


Based: China

Model #: WD-Extreme


Kind of Filter: GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) – See GAC Filters versus Carbon Block Filter

So how do Waterdrop’s channels diverge from Epic Water Filters’ Pure and Nano water channel pitcher at taking out veritable debasements found in spigot water? Then again, you might have considered Waterdrop pitcher versus Brita. It would be ideal for us to explore.


Appeared differently about Epic Water Filters Nano and Pure Water Filter Pitchers

Expected to kill up to 99.99% of all customary water pollutants, the Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher and the Epic Nano Water Filter Pitchers are the most sensible choice in water refinement today.


All channels are replaceable and attempted to the most raised industry standards. Our channels are attempted and outperform NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, 401, P473, and P231(Nano only) for contamination decline.

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With each channel prepared for purifying 150 gallons (568 liters) of water, water channel pitchers from Epic Water Filters are in like manner a mind-blowing productive choice saving your wallet and the earth from single-use plastic water bottles. See underneath Epic’s thought process going to Waterdrop pitcher

Brand Name: Waterdrop pitcher


Producer: Epic Water Filters

Sort of Filter:

  1. Pure – Solid Carbon Block
  2. Nano – Patented American Made Nanotechnology wrapped surface.


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