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November 22, 2022

From rich to poor, everyone owns a mobile phone right now. They have become a necessity with changing lifestyles. Even if it is not a smartphone, the basic need of talking to the one you want with a single click has led to people buying simple phones, at the least. According to the latest research, around 60% of the population has access to the internet in India. That is around approx. 840 million users. With such high demand and usage of the internet, mobile computing technology is on its toes to bring new things to the market.

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With that, let’s look, what are the future trends of mobile computing-

  1. Holographic Display technology

It’s not wrong to say Sci-fi movies are the real interpretation of the future. With the use of holographic technology, a new world of communication will be unlocked. The ability to communicate technical complex information in a conscious and simple way is the biggest achievement of the use of holographic display technology. Projection of objects into a three-dimensional object that will be visible to the naked eye. With the fusion of augmented reality and holographic display, our mobile phones will be our biggest asset. Scientists at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul have made it possible to create new light sensors inside a camera. The sensor inside the camera detects the polarisation of light and creates 3D images. Again, Samsung has already launched its, Galaxy S11 which is a 3D hologram smartphone and other competing brands are

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2.6G Technology.

Currently, everyone can easily access 4G mobile connectivity and 5G has just landed on the market. 5G is already said to be 100 times faster than 4G Samsung along with the collaboration of the University of California are working on 6G modems. 6G technology is expected to operate on the higher version of the radio spectrum. With such high speed available, fast web browsing, low latency, fast wireless connections, and multiple support systems. UPI and mobile payments will be faster and more efficient 6G technology are estimated to be in place by 2030. A wireless communications expert at the University of Sydney Mahyar Shirvanimoghaddam examines that a 6G network is capable of delivering a speed of 1 terabyte/second or 8,000 gigabits/second. Hence we can say, the future looks like 6G.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

BCA Admission 2022 allows students to learn all the aspects of Mobile Computing, and AI is one of the most advanced and unique factors in this course. Artificial intelligence has already taken the world rapidly. It is said, the fewer decisions we make in a day, the more accurate results it will give. Artificial Intelligence helps us to make decisions for us based on our previous experience and choice. The next decade of mobile computing technology looks like it already has Artificial Intelligence as its theme. It enhances the performance of mobile phones and is self-adaptive. The ability to change the song you are playing with the help of your voice was not available a few years ago and currently, all smartphones have that option. Similarly, the days are not far when mobile phones literally become our best friends. They will have an understanding of how we are feeling and Siri will not have limited replies to give us. Therapists soon will be available with just a few clicks on your device phone and guide you to your well-being.

  1. Inexpensive Foldable phones
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Large phones will be replaced by foldable phones. Easy to carry and access with the benefit of using a large screen. Leading mobile brand, Samsung- Samsung galaxy Flip 3 is already available in the market. As per Statista reports,50 million units of foldable phones will be shipped this year. The current price is quite expensive for common people to buy, but the time isn’t far away when everyone will own foldable phones. Multitasking with the help of two windows will become easier. Other mobile brands are already trying to keep up with these trends and soon will launch their own respective foldable phones

  1. More reliable app development.

All thanks to the lockdown, grocery and food shopping have already become handy. We have apps for everything now. We have apps that manage all the other apps. So far, we are relying on apps to access Education, services, and health and fitness-related info. But currently, some people still use the old-school, offline method to avail of these services. In the future, it is predicted that the usage of such apps and technology will be boosted and we will be more dependent on such apps.

  1. Ease of Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence helps businesses to grasp how they are performing and what needs to be remediated. Business has become easier all thanks to office apps available on phones. But it’s fair to say, people still rely on laptops and computers for effective transition, report viewing and business communications. People who are always on the go or can’t easily access their devices. With the help of hologram technology, people will be able to read their reports and analyse predictions with the help of a few clicks. The picture is not further when you see business-class people easily making decisions like a pro.

  1. Portless phones
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Wireless charging is already in place for iPhones and other phones as well. Wireless headsets are literally owned by every smartphone user. With these things in mind, the future of smartphones looks slimmer and more portless. Manufacturing costs will be reduced and phones will be more sustainable from dust and water. The exchange of files will not need USB and wireless power banks will be new in the market. Although there are many places now, wireless charging is available but 8 out of 10 people don’t rely on wireless charging.





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