July 14, 2021

Which is Best JPG or PNG?

People upload around 657 billion images to the internet each year. This means that the debate around which file format is best is still raging on, and more relevant than ever, and whether you should use PNG or JPG for the web is one of the key parts of this debate.

The truth is, both of these file formats have some incredible benefits, but neither should be used exclusively.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at both sides of the JPG or PNG debate, to help you understand which you should use online. Let’s get started!

  1. Jpg Is Smaller

JPG images are far smaller than their PNG counterparts. This is because JPG files are heavily compressed. However, this doesn’t mean that they lose too much in terms of image quality.

Smaller image files tend to be better for many purposes, including if you want to use them on a website. This is because they load faster, which means that your page speed won’t be affected as much, which leads to a better user experience.

This can benefit your SEO, too. Google now uses page speed as a ranking factor, and a slower website full of PNGs could cause your rank to plummet.

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  1. PNG Has the Edge in Quality

While we said that JPG’s compression doesn’t affect image quality too much, it would be a lie to say that it doesn’t affect it at all. JPGs may load faster, but if it’s a text-heavy image or a detailed diagram, the details will be far harder to read.

If you’ve created a diagram or have taken a screenshot of an email, or simply want to upload an annotated image, you should be using PNG. This will make for a much more readable image.

  1. PNGs Have No Maximum Image Size

JPGs have a maximum image size of 65,535 pixels on its longer side. If you want to go larger than this, you’ll need to use a PNG.

This means that if you want to blow up a high-quality JPG, you’ll need to convert from JPG to PNG, then make it larger, but be wary of doing this, as blowing it up too large can lead to artefacts.

  1. PNG Is Far Better for Graphics

JPGs were designed for photos, and this is what they’re best at. Photos aren’t typically examined to the extent that any compression artefacts would appear, and they take up less space, making them a better choice for the average home user.

However, they’re a bad choice for vector graphics or anything that involves sharp edges and a wide array of colors, where you should use PNG instead.

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JPG or PNG: Which Is Best for You?

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this look at JPG and PNG. The truth is, when choosing between JPG or PNG, you need to take the type of image into account. If it’s text-heavy, uses a lot of different colors, or features sharp edges, a PNG is the best option, while for most photos, a JPG is better.

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