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Terms Of Use

Legal Agreement

Buy making a purchase or using any part/page/post on www.AquaFreshPrime.com you consent and will be bound by all the terms mentioned on any of the pages on our portal.

1: We offer 5 years warranty on New RO machines also called RO water Purifiers. Different RO machines  may have different technologies, price, components and features, that you can check on the product pages.

2:  We are offering 2 Years of Service charge free period with purchase of some Water purifiers on our portal.

3: We are also offering next 3 years i.e ( after the initial 2 years of free service period ) at a 50% Discounted service charge.

4: Company Holds the right to fix/change/modify the service charges without any prior notice or clarification.

5: The current service charges for service are Rs 300 per visit. Service charges applicable after 50% discount are Rs 150.

6: Please visit this page to verify any changes to the service charges.

7: Our Warranty covers only electrical parts in the RO water Purifier for 5 years.Including Pump, SV, UV choke, Float Valve, Adapter/SMPS, Switches, Sensors etc.

8: This warranty does not cover Plastic parts including Plastic Housings for any type of filters, RO Body, RO stand, RO Covers, taps, sockets, push-fit components, seals, pipes ( plastic pipe tubes ) TDS controllers, LPS and HPS .

9: All consumables are chargeable whenever replaced. Below Mentioned items fall under consumables.

  • RO Membrane
  • Pre Filter
  • Sediment filter
  • Carbon Filter
  • Post Carbon Filters
  • UF filters
  • Alkaline/Mineral Cartridges
  • UV Lamp ( Tube light)

Important Terms to prevent your warranty from Being Void.

1 : Your 5 years warranty entitles you for 4 services in 12 months i.e 1 service every 3 months.

2: You can avail free services* by calling our support number. We usually take care of reminding you of the services before they are due.

3: To prevent your product warranty from being void, please don’t open/disassemble/unscrew or service the RO machine by yourself or with the help of any 3rd party vendors.

4: Your RO must be serviced every 3 months, to ensure pure and safe water.  Regular services also ensure that RO machine remains in good shape and our offers of 5 years warranty and free services continue on your RO.

5: Complete Warranty of the RO will be cancelled, if customer skips/ignores/or cancels the approaching service.

6: Once warranty is cancelled, customer will be notified with an email/call/sms, and companies decision will be accepted as final.

7. If you keep your payment pending/unpaid/paid in half or installments after the goods have been delivered/installed on your premises. Such Products are not entitled for the warranty and all offers that Aquafresh Prime may have to offer on that product.

8. Please Keep your dues clear to avail the warranty and offers.

9: Delivered orders with Pending payment for more than 7 days will not be eligible for warranty/services/repairs/and all other offers. Such customers will be blocked from buying goods from Aquafresh prime and all Invoices/GST invoices that may have been generated will be cancelled and not processed further.

Pricing of Consumables :

1: Prices of consumables applicable as per the prices mentioned on our spares sales pages and company policy.

Please login into your Aquafresh account to check for the current prices.

If you think something is missing or needs a change please contact us.

Last updated : 05-11-2018