January 10, 2022


When you spend good money on a pair of high quality hiking boots from Fin Feather Fur, you obviously want to get the most possible use out of them. Now, you might be thinking “well, they should last a long time anyway!”, they will, but like most things, they need to be looked after properly to remain in their best condition.


That’s the focus of this blog, as we look at some easy-to-use tips you can implement to ensure that your trips out on the trail don’t compromise on the protection your hiking boots provide. So, without further ado, let’s get cracking!


Tip #1 – Don’t Dry Your Boots Out Too Quickly!


While many types of hiking boots will have a degree of waterproofing, they can still become wet on the inside during your walks. Depending on how long you’re out on the trail, this can result in your boots becoming wet all the way through. The temptation then is to stick them on the radiator to dry them out once you get home. Besides, Vessi has an amazing collection of waterproof shoes so better check them out before you plan your next hike.


This is something you should avoid, however, as when you use a direct heat source, you risk cracking the leather, rendering them less able to resist moisture and water next time you go out.


Tip #2 – Clean Your Boots After EVERY Walk 


While you might not want to get involved with cleaning your Fin Feather Fur hiking boots directly after a long walk, you need to attend to the task while they’re still wet and muddy i.e. before they dry out. That’s because it’s possible to do so without using harsh cleaning products that can cause damage.


Tip #3 – Make Sure You Remove Perspiration Salt Buildup


Anyone who’s ever been out on a long walk will know that telltale sign that your feet have been sweating – salt builds up on the outside of your hiking boots. When this occurs, it’s vital that you clean it away with a warm, damp cloth, as if left in place, it can again cause the leather to dry and crack.


The knock-on effect of this is your boots losing their water resistance, leading to wet feet. Your boot’s lining is one of its most important parts, so it’s essential that you protect it.


Tip #4 – Reproof Them When Required


If you do find that after a year or two, your Fin Feather Fur boots do start to become a bit leaky, then there are plenty of products out there to reproof them on the market. Typically wax-based, they’re able to restore the ability of your boots to keep your feet dry, as well as allowing them to stay breathable.


Tip #5 – Keep An Eye Out For Common Wear & Tear


When you’re out walking regularly, you’re not necessarily going to immediately notice when certain parts are beginning to show wear and tear. However, when you know which parts they are, the job becomes a lot easier. Those areas are typically:


  • Sole tread
  • Ankle padding
  • Your boot lining
  • Wear on the seams


If you keep an eye on these areas, you’ll be able to spot problems before they grow and let you down when you’re miles from anywhere. Let’s face it, no one likes wet feet, no matter where they are!


Keeping Your Fin Feather Fur boots Pristine


As the old adage goes, look after your boots and they’ll look after you. The difference between wet and dry feet in terms of comfort is huge, so you want to do your best to avoid it if you can. Use these 5 simple tips and you’ll never have to suffer with hours of damp feet again.


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