June 16, 2022

These days, whether traveling for a day trip or a month-long vacation, if you’re like most people, you have several types of electronics you need to take with you. It can be more challenging to maintain and protect them while you are on the go, though. It can also be challenging to make sure you always have what you need (the correct cords, batteries, etc.) and that they are easily accessible. Some excellent products are available to help you stay organized while also protecting your valuable electronics.

  1. Portable Power Supply

Carrying a portable power bank can help you avoid the stress of seeing your phone and other devices’ batteries quickly draining and finding a place on the go to charge them. Portable power banks are available in different power supply sizes so that you can often charge multiple devices (phone, laptop, camera) at once. Spend more time planning things to do in St Lucia and less time worrying about your batteries dying on your travels. When you get to your hotel, just recharge the power bank, and you’re ready to go for the next day.

  1. Durable External Hard Drive 

Nothing is worse than discovering that photos have gone missing off your camera’s SD card, never to be seen again. A portable hard drive is a must-have on a trip to keep your memories protected. You can get a very compact solid-state drive with a lot of memory for a very reasonable price. Back up your pictures and other important files onto the drive at least once a day. It’s helpful to also back them up to the cloud when you get a chance. Then, you will have at least two copies of these files to protect against one failing.

  1. Universal Travel Adapter Plug

International travel can be challenging when you’re going from one country to another. You need to ensure that you will have the proper way to connect your devices to electricity when you arrive at the hotel or office. An all-in-one travel adapter plug can be beneficial. You don’t have to carry multiple adapters for multiple countries and always looking for the right one for your current location.

  1. Charging Cable Organizers

Everyone who owns several portable devices knows the headache of separating multiple cables from a knotted mass that has developed while being stored in a bag or drawer. Cable ties made specifically for electronics can be safer for your electronics and save you time from sorting and unknotting. They also come color-coded for more easily matching the electronics with their cables and chargers.

  1. Waterproof Smartphone Case

Even if your smartphone is water-resistant, increasing its protection from moisture never hurts. You can get a waterproof case to ensure your phone is safe during water excursions, even if it is dropped into water. Your phone will also remain easy to use, just as with a standard phone case.

  1. Waterproof Storage Bags

You never know just what to anticipate when going on an outdoor adventure. Is it going to rain, or will you be encountering water during one of your activities? Things can get daunting when you know you have valuable electronics that will die if exposed to the water, particularly if they become submerged. You can purchase resealable, waterproof bags made specifically for protecting your electronics. Some allow you to still use your device’s touchscreen while it is sealed in the bag.

  1. Flexible Tripod

A flexible tripod can be more valuable than you may realize on your vacation. Its long, adjustable legs enable you to wrap it around a tree branch or handrail or set it perfectly stable on an uneven surface. You can mount your camera, GoPro, or smartphone to it and then mount the tripod onto virtually anything. Now you are freer to take pictures with your travel companions or set up your camera to capture unique videos in more locations.

Before your next outing, make sure you shop for all the accompaniments you will need for your electronic devices. These accessories can make life a lot easier, keeping your devices more accessible and safer so you can concentrate on enjoying your adventures.

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