August 4, 2022

It’s a well-known fact that the world of business has changed dramatically in recent decades. No longer is the physical presence of a company necessary to conduct day-to-day operations, as technology has enabled businesses everywhere to be transacted from just about anywhere.

When looking at the equipment required to accomplish this task, it becomes clear that no single tool is more important than a delivery truck. This heavy hauler is in charge of delivering goods and items from one location to another. It is a highly specialized machine and one that comes with a host of hazards, including cargo damage and mechanical breakdown.



Just as the transportation of goods is critical to business, so are the delivery truck on rent themselves. In order to move necessary items or cargo from one location to another, different types of delivery trucks are utilized. These include trucks designed for construction companies; freight haulers; long-distance truckers; heavy hauling trucking; national and international logistics carriers; over-the-road trucking; refrigerated trucking; refrigerated milk trucks and even those outfitted for food service delivery such as those made for pizza delivery.


  1. Construction Delivery Trucks


These trucks and their components are designed for the on-site delivery of construction supplies. When necessary, this type of truck can also be used for hauling dirt and rock. In some cases, construction trucks are also called “bobcat” trucks because they look like bobcats. This is due to the fact that they have a shape similar to that of a bobcat’s head. These vehicles are typically outfitted with a raised cab and rear-wheel drive; however, some 4WD models do exist.

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  1. Freight/Logistics Trucks


Freight trucks are designed to carry bulk cargo such as freight, papers and bulk liquids – but they are able to hold remarkably more than just those substances. They can begin carrying loads of up to 79 tons. Depending on the specific model, they are either a flatbed or van-type trucks; the latter type is outfitted with a rear-mounted flatbed trailer. Flatbed models have a cargo area that extends all the way back to the cab and can be used for rear-facing or side-facing loads.


  1. Long-Distance Delivery Truckers


Long-distance truckers are often those employed by companies who use heavy haulers to transport goods over long distances between cities, states and nations. They rely on “steerage” trucks that can carry large volumes of cargo evenly distributed across the entire bed. These vehicles are able to carry more than 80 tons, which makes it possible to transport huge quantities of freight quickly to make last-minute delivery of a shipment.


  1. Heavy Hauling Trucks


Heavy haulers also known as tractor-trailers include the largest variety of trucks in the world. They are used to transport various types of large, heavy, or oversize cargo that can’t be transported in smaller trucks or even by rail. These vehicles typically utilize diesel engines, and their load capacities can range from 20 to 80 tons. Heavy trucks are outfitted with dual rear wheels for a more stable drive, and they are capable of reaching driving speeds up to 60 miles per hour. Some models also have multiple axles for even greater stability on the road.

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  1. National and International Logistics Carriers


International logistics carriers are those who handle goods that must move across countries or continents. They transport pallets of products, as well as goods that are perishable such as fruits, vegetables and even meat. Their transportation is of utmost importance to companies who want on-time deliveries of the goods they need most. These types of delivery truck on rent are critical because they carry massive quantities of goods through all kinds of terrain including mountain passes and snow-covered roads.


  1. Over-the-Road Trucking


Over-the-road trucks, also known as “semi” trucks, are those that are used for longer hauls. These vehicles carry cargo over an average distance of 400 to 500 miles each day, and they have grown in popularity with our current transportation system. Their fuel efficiency has made them a very cost-effective choice for shipping companies and delivery companies alike. These semi trucks are often used to transport goods over long distances including carrying them across state lines. When they aren’t being used to haul freight, they often serve as the main transport vehicles on county highways or local delivery routes




Delivery trucks help companies get their items to the customer in a timely manner. These trucks and the drivers who drive them are essential pieces to the success of any company. If a business is not prepared to get its products and/or goods to its customers on time, it will most likely go out of business.

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